Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I've had a busy week inking. I'm leaving town for a few days and had to get ahead a little on pages, so there was a lack of updates here.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the names for our drawing night. Some one used the word Society in a suggestion, and that gave me an idea. So, we are officialy...


So, tonight was a new approach to the theme. I had everyone bring a favorite comic. We put them in pile, number them, then drew numbers to see which book/character we would draw. I got saddled with Hellboy. Which I like, but have drawn a million times. So, I was a tad unispired, but it was my theme tonight so I couldn't bitch out. Again, the night is fun despite the random shit drawings. I blame tonight on Mike Norton. He wouldn't stop heckling me, and I threatened to murder the giant fuck...I love you Mike! Anyway, yea, the black and white drawing is a decent idea, but poor execution. What the hell kind of neck did I put on him. Oh well, live and learn.

So, there are tonights Hellboys. Oh yea, the one drawing is inspired by the book i drew, which was the new "island" book.

I'll be back next week with some more doodles hopefully i get the chance to draw a little on the road.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006


First off, I need you guys to help us name our drawing night. We can't think of shit, and it's just not cool with out a name. I mean, with out some catchy tagline, i barely want to show up. So, help us, seriously.

Anyway, not much to say about tonights sketches. We discussed a few topics, I thru out Fairy Tales and it was on! This was a great topic, and we had record number of people there tonight (12 I think). Greg Titus damn near did a cover. Mike Norton did 3 that I loved. they were like full on scenes. The best thing was, the topic was broad enough to allow everyone to draw something different.

I won't talk about the mistakes, or the ideas tonight. That's not what the night is about for me. To me, it's about the pure sketch. Trying not to erase, just letting my hand do something. The first few drawing nights i tried to do great pieces, and ended up with shit. Now, I just run my mouth and doodle and I am pleased at the end. I like drawing ideas for idea sake. Not worrying if I did a good finish. Tonight was fun, and hopefully the pieces reflect that.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


So, as I've said in the previous post, I'm inking Spider Clan now and it is time consuming. Probably because i'm not the worlds greatest inker, and I'm moving into alien teritory with the spoted blacks. It's tough, because I see one thing in my head, but after an entire day of inking, it's so hard to know if I even came close. I spend so much time just inking lines, that when i step back, i'm not sure if it is what I wanted, or just what happened.

Oh well, it's done now, or at least a few pages are. So, here are the first few pages of the long awaited return of Spiderman: Legend of the Spider Clan.



Saturday, September 16, 2006


Well, I'm inking Spider Clan now, so these aren't really warms ups as much as a chance to a least do a quick doodle before I spend all day tracing. Inking is fun, but in a differnt way than drawing. It's more about watching your drawing change into something with weight.

Todays post is a tribute to a great friend of mine, Josh Middleton and his personal project "Sky Between Branches". I've always wanted to do a piece from this project, and now after doing this quick sketch, I'd like to do a proper one. For those of you who are up on Josh's comic work, you have seen him do the urban NYX at Marvel, and Superman/Shazam at DC. But the content of these projects are very far from where Josh comes from on the creative front. Sky Between Branches is a world created straight from the heart of his true creative self. Beautiful to the last line, Josh's great white whale will blow people way when it's coming out is upon us.

This doodle doesn't do his characer justice, and it's a bit intimidating trying to follow up Josh. But it's fun, and really different than the super hero world that I draw every day. This was just a quick blue pencil drawing followed up by some Pitt Pens and Staedtler brush pen. About 30/40 mins. (actual time a little longer factoring in the smoke break...I'm a dirty habbit having fuck!)


Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Ok, I don't drink, but i draw the hell out of shit. So, for those of you who don't know, Wed. nights are drawing night here in Chicago. A bunch of local artists get together to draw at a bar/grill on Wed. Great time, great food, and somewhat ok least from me. Mike Norton always draws something cool, and then bitches about stuff. I love that guy!!

Here's how the night goes. we write a bunch of random words down on post its. we lay those on the table, face down. We each draw a random post its and put them together. For example, I pick a post it that says "Giants", Norton picks a post it that says "Ninjas" and there is one subject. Giant Ninjas. We had 4 topics of combined terms. Post Apoc./Mad Scientist, Giant Ninjas, Android Pilot, and something else that we later decided sucked and thru on the floor. Then, you just eat, drink, bullshit, and draw as many of the ideas as you want while you're there.

I went with the Android Pilot first. The down side to T's bar is the lighting, it's tough to see in there (i'm bring a lamp next week) so you don't know if you're doing ok or not.

Then, I rocked out a quick doodle of the giant ninja getting stabbed in the head by a normal ninja. This one is loose, and super fast, but i fucking love it. I'm going to do a quick 3 or 4 page story out of it in the coming weeks. I really love the idea.

So, there you go. Some quick doodle while talking and hanging with friends. Very fun!




I just finished the pencils on my Spider Clan book. 38 pages, and now I have to start the daunting task of inking and coloring it. So, on my 2 days break between pencils and inks, I just wanted to doodle with no pressure to pull anything off. So, these are just heads. that's it. No intention, No composition, no anything. Just drawing for the sake of moving the hand around and creating shapes. I think that is needed from time to time. Just brainless scribbles. So, here you go, not much to say about them.


Friday, September 08, 2006


I've been a little busy getting pages finished up for Spiderma:LOTSC, so warm ups have been a little slack. I thought I would subsitute a page, or double spread in this case for today's blog.

This is the dawning of the villains. If i hadn't mentioned this before, Spider Clan is like a mixture of Spiderman, Ninja Scroll, and Samurai Champool. These are my redesigns of some Spidey villains. The name of the one shot is Elemental Evil, so we picked Spidey rogues that fit the elements. Jack O' Latern (fire) is the guy in the hat. Sandman (earth), Whirl Wind (air) Hydro Man, now a 10 year old Hydro Girl as the leader (water).

Since I've shown you a page of inks, I thought I would show you a page pencils. I'm inking it myself, so the pencils are pretty rough. I try to make alot of decisions during the inking process.



Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Todays warm up is loose. I've been away at a convention, so my first day back to work needed to be loose with no pressure of a great finished piece. It truley is just a warm up drawing to knock the cob webs off the left hand.

So, I threw in the Tarzan movie, and started drawing. Zeb Wells and I put a Kazar pitch together awhile back, so I've been thinking about what I would do with that character. I wanted him to be more Tarzan like, but rougher. This would not be it. this is much too Tarzan inspired, and watching the movie while i worked on it probably didn't help. But, when designing a character, these sketches are important. I need to get the crap ones out of the way so i can get the right ones to the front. So, while this one dosen't look like the character I have in my head, it serves it purpose very well. It says to move on and do another. So, tommorrows might be another version of Kazar. Maybe that's what I'll do all week, untill I hit it. We'll see.



So, I just got back from the convention in Toronto. What a great show. I'll have more on that show, photos, and commissions coming soon.

For now, until I can get back in gear, i'll show you a few color pieces. One is the Battle Chasers drawing from the earlier post, and then Mugen from Champloo. These are both for no reason, just fun.

Ok, this one will be kept short so i can get to todays warm up drawing, and then some work.