Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'm so close to the end of Spider Clan, and I can't wait. Not because I'm tired of it, but because during the inking and coloring stages, I haven't had the time to draw as much. I have a few more days left and the drawing will be back in effect.

This weeks Lead Poets Society was a personal disaster. We had a great turn out, but I had one of the most shitty drawing nights ever. I just could not draw, like there was some curse on my hand. So, I just hung out and spent the night with a steady pout.

So, I will give you guys another peek at the Spider Clan. This is a page you've already seen, but it's now in full color. There will be a more in depth preview up soon at Newsarama, so check that sometime next week.

Pencils and inks by yours truley. Colors by myself and my right hand man Jean-Francois Beulieu!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006



Well, I have one more day of inking left on Spider Clan. I'm almost there baby...fuck, I can taste it. Then, you'll start to see some more posts, I swear.

Tonights theme was given by Mike Stadler (I think that is his last name...I'm an ass, I know.) the Theme was "A villian from any movie pre dating 1990". Very broad, but more difficult than you think. We did throw some rules in. We couldn't draw from movies or themes that we would draw all the time. Tim could not draw Zombies and Slasher guys, because that's his thing, he draws them all the time, etc.

I chose The Goblin King from the Labryinth. I love that movie. The designs are great, David Bowie's package is a huge focus...I mean Jennifer Connely is hot, not the Bowie thing. Anyway, i thought I had a great idea. But the hard part was remember his design with out reference. Really though right? I know. All I could remember was a cape, big hair, and slightly gay. Oh, and the cool orb. So, i just winged it. I planed on drawing all the goblins, but we were running our mouths tonight, so when it got late, I thru in the black and called it a night.

Something that I've noticed from all my Lead Poets Society drawings, they are great thumbnails, or ideas for future finished pieces. So, after awhile, I might start taking these and doing some fully realized drawings out of them. Maybe put a book out with them side by side. Might be cool. who knows.

So, enjoy the Voodoo, You do, Who do, You do, the Power of the Babe!


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So, another Wed., another night of doodling at the local pub. First I want to apologize for not posting more this week. After getting back from the wedding (not mine), I had to get caught up with work. I have about 10 days left of inking, and then a week past that for colors and I'm done with Spider Clan. Then, you will get more updates on a regular basis.

So, tonight drawing was very fun. We didn't have as many people because of the 3rd season of Lost starting tonight...fucking punks. Norton, you're on my shit list. Tonight was Tim Seeley's night to decide the theme for the drawings. Tim is my man, I love that guy, and if you spent any time with him, you would too. He's a great guy. Anyway, he gave us the topic, "Holiday Characters in the distant past, or distant future" Very different, and very fun.

For mine, I decided to go with Santa and put him on a rusty hover sleigh in the future desert waste land. This is a weird drawing, because I started it on 8.5x11 and worked out what you see in the middle. Once I did that, i thought, well, i'm done and i'll do another one as usual. But it left me wanting to see more on the sides, so instead of doing two bad drawings, i would do one really big bad drawing. So I taped two more pieces of paper on each side and made it a "cinescope" type piece.

Like I've posted before, drawing night for me is about ideas and not finishes. i spend all day every day finishing pages, and polishing things. I love that one night a week hanging with friends and just doodling with out worry about the final product. The final idea is the money. So, love me for I could be, not for what I am..haha.

Also, here are some photos from the wedding this weekend.

, 2, and 3 are photos taken at about 6 a.m., leaving the city (chicago). I have never seen anything like it. Surrounding the city, starting at horizon above Lake Michigan, was a mountain like range of clouds. It was truly amazing to see, so I had to take photos.

4) Probably one of the only times you'll ever see me in dress clothes. I understand
where the term "fish out of water" is from.

5) The place where Brandy and Andy (I'm not even kidding) got married. Very beautiful place. Brandy is my girlfriend Casey's cousin.

Casey and I in the "P-Diddy" Style Hummer limo going from the wedding to the reception. I'm not kidding, this thing was fucked three ways towards the weekend. Seriously, laser lights, and blue neon lights everywhere. I think I threw up a little in my mouth while inside.

7) Casey was actually in the wedding, so this is here in her dress.

8) Casey and I dancing at the wedding. I'm just waiting to cop a feel, but her dad was taking the photo. Notice how fast I got back in my normal attire of jeans and a hat. I did keep the blazer on though, so give me some credit.

And that's it.