Sunday, November 05, 2006


So, I'm finally getting to my giant list of commissions. I know, for those of you that have been cursing my name, I'm sorry, I'm a prick. I do apologize and hope that it has been worth the wait.

This is the Black Cat from Spiderman: Legend of the Spider Clan, the original mini. I wish I would have been able to draw her like this back in the day. This was done with pen and markers.



Scott Forbes said...

Great silhouettes Skottie! Black Cat looks great!


Grant Gould said...

that looks f$%#ing awesome, man :)
i was thinking about commissioning you to draw somethin', but it sounds like you're backed up, so i guess i'll hold off for awhile. heh

Frank Cairo said...

Nahh were not cursing you. were just anxiously awaiting. some times you have to wait for for some really great art. love the black cat piece. Hell i love everything you put up. can't wait to see what comes next!

Brian said...

Sweet Black Cat.

As for waiting for commissions, I find its better to go down to the church and light a candle than curse the artist. Personally, I never do my best work after some one gives me a verbal beat down and believe the same is true for most artists.

Plus, most of us who request commissions understand the process and that professional deadlines have to come first. As long as the artist is up front about andy delays and doesn't mind fielding the occasional check in e-mail, I think most people will be cool with the wait.

kyle-mac said...

Don't worry about being behind. It's well worth the wait.

Awesome piece. She looks really really cool and the ninjas rock. Don't knock yourself too much for your rendition of her in the series, though. I still love it and think it's the coolest Felicia Hardey has ever been.

Valhalla Comics said...

I definitely agree with Kyle, here. Your original design was pretty sweet, man. It was a different take and very fresh. I still love it.

Though, of course, who's to argue with improvement upon perfection? This is awesome work.

A commission from you is well worth the wait. Sign me up for next time I meet you, indefinitely. You better not fill all your slots, either. ;P