Thursday, January 25, 2007

To Be A Monster

I've talked for the last few months about this Frankenstein story that I've been writing and illustrating, and promised a preview. So, here it is. 4 pages, not really in any order. Everything done by me and my man Jean! Usually I go in and tweak alot of things that jean sets up, but he's getting too good now. I didn't have to do much. I just added some textures and brightened somet things up.

Going into this, I wanted to make it creepy and make you feel that this was a grimy world. I wanted the lines to feel like throw back to the old school style of comics. I penciled and inked these pages very fast with the intentions of keeping it very loose and from the gut. I wanted each line to be from instinct and not from planning. So, the faster I inked, the less I would think about adding alot of noodling detail. This was more about an idea than an atmosphere than it was about showing how much detail I could add in the drawing.

It's very different for me, but I hope you guys give it a chance anyway. Let me know what you think.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Get Some Bitch!

I know, I've been slack on an update for awhile but I'm back now. They are switching around some story lines in Cable/Deadpool, so I had to do some new covers for a few issues. Here is one, for issue 38 I believe. The story is Deadpool against Agent X, which I believe is his clone? doppleganger? Who knows, I 'm just doing covers for christ sake.

I'm keeping in step with the Cable one I did a few weeks back. Very texture based and more about the feeling than the drawing. I just like trying new things and stepping outside of my own box. I nice to break the rules I set for myself. I know this doesn't feel like the Cartoony Skottie you all might know, but there needs to be a little spice now and then. So, for CB/DP, i'm going with style from now on. The one after this one is pretty sick as well. i'll have that done in a week or so.

And, coming later in the week, you will finally get a peek at my Frankenstein pages. And talk about stepping outside of the box. Very different for me. But, very fucking sick!!!! Oh yea, I'm super humble baby!

One more note, for those of you wanting to order books, or that have already ordered yours, they are coming. I have the book here in the studio now and they are on there way to your hands. Please come by here and let me know what you think of them once they arrive.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lead Poets Society Jan. 10, 07

This was a fun night. Here you have the kid from TN that almost made the cut to take the spot that would later become Calvin and Hobbes. Poor Rusty and Cooter, if only he had cut his mullet before the auditon. And maybe had the cat not been mentally challenged, the world would be buying gaint book collection of their antics.


Saturday, January 06, 2007


I've been pretty slack on getting my Lead Poets Society drawings up, so here a few from the past weeks. I have also started a blog for the LPS and all the people who come each week to post up there drawings. One drawing was from Noir night. You had to have a background in the piece. As always, I like the concept, but the drawing itself is riddled with issues. And again, like always, I don't give a shit. I love just drawing the idea and not a cover. It's freeing and just plain fun. One was from Eskimo Hunter night. I went with an arctic hunter impossibly dragging a giant mammoth. And one was from...I can't even remember the night, but sucked and decided to just draw my man, Mike Norton. Don't worry if you don't know what he looks like...I fucking nailed him!

And finally there is a one panel preview of my Frankenstein story. Well, it's more of just a test panel to try out methods of finishing the pages. I'm going for a brushy, loose and gritty feel for this project and I am really excited about the out come. It's so different for me. I'm so used to my process of cleaning a drawing up so much and making it super slick, that it was a nice change of pace to really go in there and just ink from the gut. I used a Staedtler Duo 3000 brush pen and the old trusty sharpies to fill in the big areas.


Monday, January 01, 2007


I finally bullied my way onto Chicago's own CrankCast with Mike Norton and Chris Crank. They've asked me for a year to be on, but never really meant it, leading to hours of therapy about my shortcomings as an overall human being. But, I showed up this time and talked my ass off. So, for those of you that have a few hours to spare, go listen to the 2 parter podcast.

The CrankCast is free and available at Itunes. You can also listen to them at