Monday, February 26, 2007


Well, I'm proud of myself for sticking to this 2 weeks in a row. Usually I can loose track of time pretty easy.
And thanks to everyone for commenting. I think we've set a record for most comments on one post. Let's see if we can break it this time. So, this is the second instalment of New X-men X-tras and I'm showing 2 new character sketches. Plus, I thru some very quick spot colors on all the characters so far. I really just needed a color guide, and color always make a sketch feel a little more real.
Each week, I'll add the new characters to this sheet. Well, let's get started.

HELLION: I really like this character. I dig his attitude and think that it will make for some great character moments in the drawings. Like last week, Age is my main concern. While I wanted him to feel a little more built, I still wanted to stay away from making him too big. He's 16, and I know there are some pretty muscular 16 years olds, but metabolism still plays a role in some that age. We're like machines at that age. You're body just burns everything and I wanted to apply that to Hellion. I kept him fairly skinny, or slim, but really carved him up. So, he's more wirey than bulky. And because his powers are not strength based, I don't see any reason to make him too huge.

Chris Yost explained that his attitude would be close to Sawyer from lost. Kind of a dick, but something going on underneath it all. So, I made some minor tweaks keeping those thought in mind. First, his hair. Again, I don't want it to sound like I'm dissing Paco at all, because I think he is an amazing artist, and I know that alot of these characters were drawn by other people first. But I felt that his hair has been too "pretty". Very nicely groomed, and always really cool. So, I wanted to give it some length and really keep it devoid of all styles. Make it seem that Julian could give a shit about what his hair looks like and there is something about slightly long hair that gives off the idea of someone being a bad ass. Also, the pants. Would Sawyer from Lost be caught dead in tights or would he pull a gun on you for suggesting the notion. I think Hellion would rather die than were tights. And thinking about it, would any of us, you or I ever agree to where tights for any reason what so ever? I think the answer is no. So, with out ditching the design everyone is used too, I just slightly adjusted the pants making them more like..well, pants. Leather in design to make for a tougher, protective surface. Very simlar to what we've seen the the X-men movies. The gloves have also changed a bit. I want things to be practicle to a degree. So, the things that we fight with the most are our hands. I wanted to bring the gloves up higher to create a form of protection for the forearms. I figure if someone is wearing gloves, it should be for a purpose. I don't like items of clothing for no reason. You will never see me have a character with pockets all over a belt unless that character needs to keep things in pockets on his belt. Same goes for things like gloves.

PIXIE: There's not alot to say about this one. I feel like a broken record, but I think she is alot of fun as well. I truley like most of these characters. It seems that when it comes to the JV squad, I like putting them in their civies, as it seems like we seem the most in those least for now. I wanted to make here wings look more like a butter fly than just ovals on her back. I pulled out the master of Pixies and Fairies, Brian Froud and went to town. I tried to make her hair a little more unique as well, giving you the sense that she is a pixie. something uncovential to a normal girls hair. Keeping it cute, but also making it a little fun in the process. When I think of faries, or pixies, I think of nature. Trees, flowers, gras..etc. Since they live in a school, surrounded by giant robots and rooms full of tech things, I added the nature into her clothes. By adding some stiched on patches of flowers and vines her her jeans, i think I can keep the feeling of nature in her character with out having her sitting on tree stumps and the like. And while have her color be bright, I went with a semi hippy design to her clothing. belled out jeans, denim, etc. I think that also lends itself to idea of nature.

I did get an email from a fan asking me for a favor and I'm glad he did. He said that Michael Ryan designed her with the black, marble style eyes and asked me if I could bring that back. Honestly, I did not know that was the way she was designed, and am happy to bring that back. I love the idea, and if I was creating this character from scratch, I would have done that myself. So, here you go, I hope you like the eyes.

Now that we have the characters explained, I throw you some general ideas that I've incorperated into these designs. Some people have pointed out that the feet are very flat. This is intentional. I know I'm not a "realistic" artist, but some people forget to really look at reality and see how odd it really is. Feet for example, are very odd looking things. They are truley..flat. I mentioned before that I want my designs to have a sense of practicality in them. With characters that spend a lot of time running, jumping, fighting, and over all staying in motion, foot wear becomes very important. I myself would want to have foot were that is protective, but very agile at the same time. So, if I take the concept of a boot, and put it into a track shoe, than I think the character has the best of both worlds. If you've ever looked a real track shoe, you would think that it's fake. There are very, very flat, and look almost silly in design. But they serve their purpose by allowing the runner to move thier feel fully with any restraint, resulting a much quicker runner.

Ok, so yeay, I 'm a huge nerd. Maybe I think too much about these fictional characters, but to me that's the fun about this job. How can I believe in each drawing and character. I called Chris Yost and grilled him for awhile on each character and they're background and he probably thought, "hey, they're fake...just draw the damn things!" haha. I just thought you guys might be interested in hearing how nerdy I can truely get.

Until next time...enjoy.


Dr maikel said...

Young.. Serieusly your Hellion design is awsome!!.. He looks lovely with long hair.. And Pixie.. She is awsome..The wings.. The eyes.. She just looks lovely.

How ever i also saw your art in marvel preview for the quest for magik cover. And i didnt realy like Mercury on that one. Is she going to stay like that?

Well i do like the designs on your blog , Keep going :)

Podmark said...

OMG Hellion's hair! I don't know if I love it or hate it but it's something thats for sure. You've got the build down thats for sure, and comparing him to Sawyer is an interesting take. Sadly I disagree with your rationale for the hair - Julian has always been a character thats obsessed with his image (though I could see him being over that after all they've been through) he was the pretty boy. Still image is important and long hair can give a certain image he'd want to obtain. Don't know if it's too late for this, but it'd actually be pretty cool if you started with his hair still kinda short when you start your run and then lenghting it as you go. Loving this sketch though, but not quite what I expected.

Pixie: Looking good, she's different than we've seen before but in a good way. I really like your choice in wardrobe - very her. Also great to see the marble eyes back.

And good for you for grilling Yost. And if he won't answer you're questions - ASK US! We've read the whole run we know these kids as well as anyone!

Dave_Zero_One said...

Wow! I Love youre Pixie, I really Like the way made her look so Frail, It really suits her Character/powers. Her Breasts were really too Large when Medina drew her, Made you wonder how She managed to fly on such light wings with those things holding her down. Also like her clothes, and the books are a nice toutch. I also like your more graceful Take on her wings.

I Like the New Julian as well, the long hair suits his personality, For some reason he reminds ne of Captain Harlock.
My But That's a lot of Torso! O_o;

I really Like the colored Surge. Also I'm terrified that The Colores Laura want's to Kill Me, EEK!

Joel said...

Not much to say on this post that wasn't covered on the last. Damned good art and keep it up these characters look amazing. I love your take on Hellion and the design changes you've made.

Anonymous said...

Cool as always! Dude, i have to know how you doing your inking! Is that wacom???

Scott Hume said...

Again awesome dude, this book is gonna be so killer, I can't wait to pic it up.

Podmark said...

Ok just a follow up after thinking about it I definitely love Hellion's new hair. It's just so badass looking. Totally works for him, especially after all the death and battles.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to jump back on this titled once you are aboard...

I am set to jump back n with issue 37...Because i think you mentioned you are doing a little something in there and fully taking over in 38 right?

daniel said...

keep it rockin', broseph.

Dreamer said...

After being told i wasn't 'open minded' i was a little peeved, clearly didn't explain myself well enough:( I never said the work wasn't good, fact is it was amazing, it just wasn't my thang!! That's all, apologies for any grief caused i just figured honesty was the best policy... Gutted if you think i'm an ass!!
This new stuff is on point, does it for me!!!
signed: the honest, and shot down in flames, Dreamer!!

Skottie Young said...

thanks everyone for the comments. they're great.

hey dreamer. I'm sorry, but i'm a little confused. Did someone come down on you for something? I pretty sure I haven't come down on anyone, and never would because of someone's opinions. If any of my comments made it seem that way, please forgive me. I am open to everyone's thoughts on the work. Sorry for the confunsion.

Madman said...

Firstly, big thanks for following up on my request for Pixies eyes! She looks extremely cute! Cool wings, cute hair. The pointed ears make sense too. The one thing missing is her little pink cheek dashes. I'm not sure if you left them out on purpose but it feels like something is missing without them. Whilst Medina and Brooks were never consistant with them (sometimes they were little freckles, other times a big round splodge) again, Ryan had it perfect with the dashes and it made her that little bit more unique looking. (You can see them on cover to #37 aswell)

My initial reaction to Hellions hair was "oh no!" But it does give him the desired look and I'm already warming up to it. Loving the costume touch up.

The colored sketches look super sweet except for Anole's eyes being red, other than that grade A work once again!

Anonymous said...

hey scottie man i dont care what people dont like about the little details your artwork never ceases to amaze me as it evolves and i dont care what you draw even if it were a smurfs comic i would buy it it inspires me to draw with with the few moments of freedom i have so keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

really cool and fresh work here sir...keep up the good work...

a question, i sent yesterday a message to you through the contact us link, just wondering if you read that...

anyway, can't wait for your new xmen to arrive here in the philippines!

Do Oda

Anonymous said...

OMG! Hellion looks like....the way Hellion should be! Keep him like and I love the extended gloves...that works well since he uses his arms a lot because of his powers.

PIXIE's wings are so...insecty! I love them, man, unique stuff. Just like MADMAN said, please don't forget Pixie's pink dash-marks (ya know, like when Quarterback's or baseball players put that black marker stuff underneath their eyes) on her cheeks....and..well, we can just forget about her bicycle helmet lol ;)

Keep it up! Can't wait to see Elixir and Rockslide!!!


patricio said...

Wow this look great! Im a huge fan of the book and of the other students and your Pixie and Victor look amazing!!! Y love some details and expressions you ve made on them I really like the dark atmosphere that Hellion and X23 have! X23 goth stylee is amazing!!! Could you create a nice new outfit for the Cuckoos? I really dont like the one they have now. (I dont know if they will survive the current mini) You should give them something similar to what Jean Grey used to wear just to annoy Emma Frost.
Cant wait to see your WolfCub and Match versions!
Great job Skottie!!!!
this is my flirck Im a graphic design Illustrator I hope you like what I do.

patricio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patricio said...

Ups the link
AH! I dont know if you would be able to give any oppinion about plots and that stuff but Victor needs a boyfriend. He really does! HELP HIM ahahhaah.
cheers mate

Im from Argentina

shanextopher said...

Hello, Skottie. When I first heard that you would be taking over the art chores on my favorite book, New X-Men, I was terrified. I stopped reading the New Warriors mini because I had a very negative, almost visceral reaction to your work. Then again I was very turned off by your work on the FCBD Runaways/X-Men book. I found your work to be too exaggerated and cartoony for my tastes. Yes, these are comic books, which by definition ought to be good escapist fun. But I have always felt that when the work gets too cartoonish it is difficult to empathize with the characters on a human level, to truly feel for them and to invest in what is happening to them.

But I do have to say, upon visiting your site, viewing your designs, and reading what you have to say about these characters, I am changing my tune. I think that your work has matured a good deal. Which is not to say that it is truly DIFFERENT from your previous work, but knowing a bit more about you as an artist has helped me to understand why exactly you portray each character in the way you choose to. You seem to have a great love and understanding for these fantastic characters. I do see your work as much more stylized and less real-looking, but I no longer see it as childish or cartoonish.

It is with a big slice of humble pie that I say I am truly looking forward to your work on my favorite book. Thank you for putting your work up and for discussing it with us. Congratulations on landing the gig. I'll be sure to check back in after the first issue hits to tell you how I really feel ;-)



Anonymous said...

i like these. they do look younger, as should be. the long hair on hellion is ok it can work but those eyes are maybe a bit too much? i mean the kid's not a saint but it kinda makes him look evil instead of just a bad boy. maybe a bit less furrowed? but a great job over all. thanks for sharing these and for putting up with my ramblings :D

RickyD410 said...

Oh. Man. Skottie, you're a God-send. I love Hellion! He's awesome! Same with Pixie! I love her new wings, and her new hair, and THANKS FOR BRINGING HER EYES BACK!!! But also, please dont forget about her cheeks! She originally had pink circles on her cheeks, and she was adorable! Please, bring those back as well.

As you said before, Surge, X-23, and Anole look fabulous colored. I'm so happy with you on our title now. Thanks so much, you're incredible.

twincast said...

Hellion: Love the costume redesign and the new hair, but the look has me worried. Well, he's pictured in uniform, so I'll just happily continue to assume that he isn't all frowny outside battle.
...and the longer I look at them, the more similar Hellion and X-23 look, which kind of doesn't exactly thrill me, but oh well.

Pixie: The Eyes!!! Thank you! As for the streaks, they aren't that important to me, but the'd be a nice additional touch. Anyway, love the whole rest.

Anole: I feel kind of conflicted now.
While I love the color choices (mainly because that's my personal main palette), he's more prone to wear less earthy tones if memory serves right. Actually, the one outfit I remember clearly looks a lot like Pixie's minus the flowers. XD
And I didn't notice it until someone else mentioned it, but red eyes: WHY?! I'll get used to it, but keeping something that doesn't look reptilian would have been nice. If you want something 'exotic', why not at least go for yellow, which while rare is an actual human eye color instead of that literally bloody look? Also, come to think about it I consider the red/green contrast to be somewhat overused.

And while I really love me some little Vic (Us (by US/EU standards) little guys get no representation in US comics, freakin' damn it! They all either die, go to limbo or grow up average! >:|), but that one of his best buds (i.e. Julian) shot up so much larger than him kind of bugs me visually. But that's just me. Hmm... actually I don't think he's ever been *that* small to begin with...

Anyway, looking forward to the other characters, the interiors down the line and eventually the actual book. :)


I could never get into this crop of jr. X-men. They seemed generic compared to New Mutants or Generation X.

Your art has really made their powers and personalities stand out. I'm gonna give New X-men another shot.

j. scott brown said...

Great design, Sai Young. Love the flow and vibrancy of these characters. Might actually have to pick up a book with an X in the title now...Best of luck with the series!

Nermin H. said...

I'll have to go change my pants but I thought of leaving a comment first. The designs are A-W-E-S-O-M-E, I love them.
Hellion looks so bad ass, his hair reminds me of CM Punk (WWE Wrestler... thing. And Pixie is so cute. :D
I stopped reading New X-Men for a while... I have no clue why. I'll have to go pick the latest issues up. =] Love your work, Skottie.


Dean Trippe said...

dude, this is good stuff. i'm way impressed. i remember when i was a softmore and you were just getting marvel work. seeing someone from school taking off was a real motivation for me and my friends back then.

anyway, these all get my official PROJECT ROOFTOP seal of approval, expecially wolvie-girl. this is seriously the first drawing of her that made me think she was an interesting character. :)

The Kyle said...

You're a cartoonist after my own heart.

Bravo, Skottie. Bravo. said...

very nice sketchs! i look forward to this book!
stay up!

Hi-Fi said...

Fantastic!!! Pixie's design rocks!! Love the eyes, love the hair!!

And Hellion: well, let me get used to the hair. :)

Brian said...

Thanks for sharing you creative process with us.

Anonymous said...

i really like how pixie looks. i think the marble eyes are important to what makes her stand out moreso than the dots on her face (which i'm glad to see absent). her outfit is amazingly real-life preteen and great to look at. i love the detail of the pants and the hair. i think most of all i like your logic when it comes to a lot of these design decisions.

hellion looks okay, but i think his hair is meant to look groomed. he definitely is a snob, the "blaire" if i may reference the facts of life, rather than the "jo".

i am very glad you are giving youth to these characters. however, i think anole looks rather too young. maybe i dont agree with him being 14 either, but i always assumed him to be a peer of the other students (even almost becoming a hellion until he changed instructors).

x-23 looks wonderful. putting aside my feelings of the character, you made an absolutely compelling piece of art right there. good job!

surge looks great as well. i think you kept the better parts of her previous design while giving her a more interesting hairstyle to go with her loud hair dye.

overall, i am very excited to see you on a marvel on-going and an x-book to boot. i love the life you have in your drawings and it is the reason for me wanting to give new x-men a try again after dropping it 10 issues ago.

you rock!


these are great, keep 'em coming

seven more posts and the record will be broken

cin said...

These two are my favorites so far. Great, great stuff. Pixie's pink marks I think I'd like, but she looks awesome regardless. Nori's footwear looks great colored. :)Again, I love the process and purpose in your art. I'm really lookin' forward to this.

Andrew Cramer said...

Dude, I can't wait to see your New X-Men stuff. This is the best Hellion Ive seen!

Anonymous said...

Soooo let me get this straight: Instead of comic up with something original...we're going to re hash the same old shit yet again?


Madman said...

Wow Jon what the hecks your problem? What exactly is being "rehashed"?


hey, now we're tied with 37 posts

37? a classic clerks reference, sweet!

daniel said...

not any more.

Madman said...

37 - Also the issue that Skottie comes on board! Of course now the comments are 39..

I actually didn't think the comments would beat last time, crazy!

I'm rooting to see Mercury, Dust amd Match next time!

Skottie Young said...

issue number 37 was the first Xmen unlimited issue I worked on.

thanks again for all the comments guys. I'll try to get in here later and address some things, or questions.

Hi-Fi said...

skottie, are we going to see your take on Trance and Loa soon?? Can't wait!

Dreamer said...

Hey hey man!!
All is good in the hood, lets just say i was having a highly charged emotional moment!!
For the record i think its pretty fresh that you take time to read these things, and actually give a damn what us fans are saying!!
So then, when you gonna bring it to the UK next? We miss out on alot of stuff over here, i mean the net helps but it can kinda suck havin comics/art as a hobby when ya live over here sometimes...!
Oh, and Happy bday for 3rd!!

RickyD410 said...

Happy Birthday Skottie! Hope you celebrated by drawing some more AMAZING renditions of the New X-Men! ;)

Hi-Fi said...

Happy Birthday, Skottie!!

Mark said...

So excited for this run to start...

twincast said...

time zones are confusing sometimes, but it should still be your day where you live, so happy birthday!

Madman said...

Hope u had a great bday and partied hard/had a rest! I'm wondering how much time you're gonna have for updating this seeing as you are gonna be pencilling the issues now too!

LeSean Thomas said...


really captured the overall essence of Eric Canete in some of these man!!! really interested to see where you go with this. good luck.

stay up,

(holla at me about that photo!)

-= Gus Kosmopoulos =- said...

a buddy of mine told me about you and man.... to be blunt, holy shit, dude. Sick stuff, very cool designs on the X-men. Anole's looking great, so's x-23 (and all o f'em, really).

Sick man


yay! i'm numba 50!

reminds me of that old woman from that snl skit

"i'm 50! - 50 years old"!!!

speaking of being 50 years old...

happy birthday skottie!!!

btw the time on here is wrong, it's really 12:30 am here

Anonymous said...

This has been my favourite X-Mem book in a long, long time in recent years, and I love the fact that you're giving so much thought to the nature of the characters in your redesigns.

This having been said, I must agree with some of the other comments; Julian's hair ought to look just a bit more groomed than this; there's definitely an element of snobbish teenaged vanity in him. I think he'd be quick to make fun of other people for letting their hair get all shaggy, rather than ever letting his get that way himself.

Anyways, seriously looking forwards to your Rockslide design, and I find myself dearly wishing that Tag could have survived to present if for no other reason than that I think you could have had a lot of fun redesigning him. Ah, well.

dizz said...

again, amazing to see you shift the focus with these characters. im holding back on giving any critiques, because the overall package is great news. its obvious alotta charm went into the designs. also, looking forward to Rockslide..kinda hoping you just tweak the visual hes been transitioned to lately - but still anxious to catch a glimpse. thanks for sharing! cant wait for new updates :)


hey skottie, see you are going to wizworld la

i'll probably see ya there

James said...

Wow. GREAT looks for every one of them!
I've been a fan of your work for a while (LOVED your New Warriors and Spider-Clan books), and I'm glad I found your blog, man - Very, very good renditions of the New X-Men, I love them!


P.S: I'll second the guy from Argentina. If you can, pass along to the writers that Anole needs a boyfriend, please!

eugene commodore said...

really cool designs Skottie good luck man

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your take on Hisako/Armor and Stepford Cuckoos!

Anonymous said...

yeh...i hope you redesign rockslide. not a fan of his latest rearrangement. i have confidence you'll make him look cool again!

also looking forward to what you do with loa! girl has a wicked design already and your touch would just be incredible.

Anonymous said...

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg I love Pixie!!!! And it's not dash marks like a football player, but more like dots of rouge like on the cheeks of a puppet. Other than that, I love what you've done with her! My favorite background member since her first appearance!!!!

Crea said...

Love the art Skottie! Love the freshness of it! I loved your work on Spidey and the New Mutants before and that surely hasnt changed now.

I especially loved that you chose to make Julian Keller more... svelte. And i've always argued in several X-Men forums that artists have been progressively making him bulkier when there really wasn't much sense in doing so when as you've said it doesnt quite match up to his powers. I love that you've discovered this fact on your own and ran with it you've so kudos to you on that. I've read, way back when, Phil Jimenez's comments on "unmuscular" telekinetics and when he redesigned jean Grey during the Morisson era and that kinda stuck with me and I've tried to use that many times before as to the bulking up of Hellion. I also like that you've chosen to give him broad shoulders, as with the leaner build of the rest of your designs, the broad shoulders doesnt diminish the alpha male status that Julian holds in the book.

Which is funny, since the artists have also progressively made Elixir scrawnier in every run, when the original design and characterization has built him as an athlete and kinda popular jock at least with Keron Grant's initial designs. And we've seen him pummel Julian around and do a lot of athletic level practice in his subsequent characterization so it always baffles me how they've chosen to portray him as way "frailer" (than Prodigy or Hellion) simply because he's a "healer". In fact i could see more positive reasons why he'd be much more built when he has passive abilities as he'd probably had more grunt work to make up dor during his training sessions. And besides I love the contrast that the healer's a much bigger character at least he wont be more useless in battle. I hope you'd get to do Elixir some justice in your redesigns... cause I think he's hot. LOL

Anyway, going back I love the Hellion's redesign. Though perhaps on paper I wouldnt have agreed to give him longer hair, but I do LOVE the results you've dne with it and it looks amazing. I guess things do look different when executed well and I love it. Tho, I am wary that some people may think (along with X-23's redesign) that he and X-23 are some sort of goth couple. LOL

Pixie on the other hand is breathtaking. i love heroes in streetwear too and I've felt that the X-men as a whole spend too little time looking more human by being in costume 70% of the time. So I love your idea of focusing on streetwear for these characters since we rarely do get to see them as such lately. The whole new age look totally fits with Megan. i cant wait to see her on page.

Keep up the awesome work Skottie. I loves its. Cant wait to see the rest!

daniel said...

it's a new week...and no new sy update/art???

Madman said...

It should actually be #4 this week ;)

But Skottie did only say he'd TRY to update weekly, and quite frankly I'd rather he gets the issues pencilled in good time, this stuff is just a bonus.

Maybe make the updates less frequent but include more characters each time?

dbradshaw said...

Nice drawings man! Also, I wanted to ask what happened to you at Wondercon? I bought a sketchbook from you and was really hoping you'd be there for a signing. Do you know if you'll be in the bay area again any time soon? Anyways it's always good seeing new stuff from you.


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with Julian's redesign as well. Like what had already been pointed out, he may not give a rat's behind about what most of the other students think about him, he still thinks a lot about himself. And unless you're Asian, or blonde, you don't let your hair go down like that when you know you already look like an A & F model.

Of course, Craig and Kyle could do something like kill all his friends to make him lose interest in self-grooming...

Pixie's cute, though.

Anonymous said...

All students take 2 hours worht of martial arts lectures every day (well, that's what Quentin said), and that's still separate from the field and gym exercises.

I think when you sum it all up, even a person who'se power is to move stuff with his brain could get someconsiderable bulk in his body. If not, Cyclops would be a fat guy shooting stuff with his eyes.

Anonymous said...

at first i didnt like the change when the new writers came but now i cant wait to read the title. and now that skottie is on the book i dont think im gonna leave. i love your work man.

daniel said...

madman--just giving him a hard time.


fieldy said...

I like your take on hellion and pixie but that's pretty much it. the rest are way too cartoony and for some reason are wearing clown shoes?

Jeremy said...

Hey Skottie-

These sketches are abosolutely wonderful and I expected nothing less when I saw a preview of one of the NXM covers!

I even posted a blog about your blog on my blog. How confusing was that sentence? :)

With Hellion, I have just one request (if it even matters); it's cool that you made his hair longer, but please don't make it crazy long. As much as he's a jerk, I could totally even see him just cutting his hair on his own so it wouldn't ever be too too long or even. Y'know?

Do you know how long you're going to be on the book?



E ai cara blz, sou do Brazil e adorei teu traço véio muito loco mermo tambem curtu muito comics desde crianç´. To ligado q voce ta desenhando pra marvel ne boa sorte tambem é meu sonho chegar la, mas enqantu isso nao acontece.. ...vai ai meus blogs pra voce da um bico e deixar uma mensagen blz véio abraço!!!!

Anonymous said...

yo skottie i colored Hellion for fun chec it out at:

Conor said...

Hey, I just found this site. Its Amazing! Hellion looks more rugged, thats exactly what he needed. Also pixie looks so god damn cute! I remember when she went round in a bicycle helmet (kinda retarded)Anyway thanks.
P.S. I just previewed it 9:37 am? Its 3:37 in england ;]

Oliver said...

WOW ! skottie ive never come across your work before but i really love it its a really fresh look on new x-men (alot of the other artist draw simular to each other on the book), surge looks fantastic !, i love your pixie wings, cant wait to see more of her in the book one suggestion, anole is my faveote charactor, he is gay but in your drawing dosent look it one bit, can you make his future clothes more.. gay ? like pinks and stuff

Kaylie said...

Hey man, let me just say I think you're a very "realistic" artist. I think making kids look like kids, people different heights, girls without ginormous breasts and guys without huge muscles - all are very realistic.

I like Paco Medina as well, but your art on the book has been the best yet, and some of the best I've seen in comics at all.

Anonymous said...



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