Monday, March 19, 2007


Ok, so I've failed miserably at my weekly update. But, I'm hard at work on the issue themselves and that has to come first. I'm done with my first 8 pager on my first issue...and I'm ok with it. I'm not jumping over the moon with my work, but I'm ok with. So far on the next issue though, i'm pretty happy and getting more comfortable with the trillion characters.

So, now that has put this up I'll let you guys check it out. It's the inks to my 4 cover spread, inked by Tim Townsend.

Now, I did this awhile before I had a chance to ever draw any of the characters so you will see a change from the covers to the books. Just slightly though.

I'll show the colors when we get them done.

Oh, and I apologize for missing yet another Con I was supposed to attend. I had to stay home and keep on these pages. This is a challenging book and I want as much time as possible. I'll be doing more shows coming up.



Tom said...

That is an outstanding cover. I am really looking foward to your run on this book!

Danny said...

Christ on a stick! That cover's off the chain. Tim Townsend hooked you up something crooked, lookit the afro work!

Must be something to have the same guy ink you that inked Joe Mad on x-men back when you were doing your wolvie sketches in the back of your maths book in class.

frank cairo said...

Wow simply amazing!!! i love your magik she looks so devilsih. i can't wait for your run. keep drawing i'll keep buying.

Lard said...

That cover is 5 shades of awesome. The detail in it make me feel warm inside.

Anonymous said...

Just glad to see your more fresh kick ass art from you man! Keep it coming! These issues will have to be on my buy list now for sure. Solid work!

Jeremy said...

If Marvel doesn't make a poster of that, they're insane! I NEED it!!!

Podmark said...

Lookin good there Skottie.

Don't worry about the lack of X-tras, far more important to know your putting the work into the actual book. From the previews we've seen, both here and on I'm really excited.

And yeah there are alot of characters in this book, so it might take a while to get a handle on them all. But we love the effort, so thanks!

RickyD410 said...

First, I'm going to second what Podmark said. Seriously, DONT WORRY ABOUT X-TRAS. We love them, we honestly do, I really look foward to them. But its more important that you work on the pages of the book!

Second, AAAAHH!!! I cant wait to see it colored!! Its so awesome!!

Third, you've made a few comments about how many characters there are in this book. Yes, there are quite a few, but please, please, PLEASE dont leave the book! I'm so excited for your run, and Mark Brooks already left because there were so many characters. We dont want to lose you too!

Fourth, God, I want this four cover spread to be made into a poster!! (when colored of course) I already emailed the x-office asking. Is there anyway you could help with this?

And for everyone else too! Heres the email address. Please, email in and ask for this 4-cover spread to be made into a poster!!


dayam! thats sick as hell.

Dave_Zero_One said...

Great Googely Moogely! When I Saw your Yana at the end my Jaw Literally Dropped!
Words fail me.

The action is just insane! Me Likey!

One thing though... Is it just me or is that 5 covers instead of 4?



bryan said...

well all i can say is thank you for sacrificing your con time to keep the book on time and focus on doing the best work possible so ill say im very much looking forward to picking it up

Chris Sims said...

I was wondering why the first two covers were so chaotic. Now it all makes sense! Phenominal job on this one Skottie and Tim Townsend is icing on the cake.

Alina Chau said...


Crea said...

Lovely! n_n

El Pinguino said...

That's so awesome!
I love your take on the characters (especially Surge), they're very fresh and inspiring!
Im really looking forward to this. It's gonna look great on the shelf, next to B-sides and Efelant!
And im gonna repeat the request for a poster. We need it.

Keep rockin'!

cromou said...

Waoooooww! great illustration!!

Scott Hume said...

Fucking Awesome, thats all I gotta say man.

Madman said...

It's such an awesome cover! Victor looks very cute (although boo! for using Paco's sleeveless version of his uniform, don't tell me he has long pants and boots instead of shorts aswell!! lol)

The preview pages on are fuckin AMAZING and if that's any indication of how good your run is gonna look, and if that is you only being "ok" with your work then Goddamn we are in for a treat when you reach your full comfort zone!

ChickRockGuitar said...

Hey Skottie!

Wow! Looks awesome! But where Josh?

Yes, as others have said, the book comes first, we all get that, don't worry about the X-tras, we loves them, but we get it. :0)

When you do have the time for the next x-tras though, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have Josh? I really would like to see him as he's one of my faves. And I know a lot of others would like to see Dust and Rockslide!

Take care!

daniel said...

i think i'm a broken record,'re so good man.

and don't let my stupid comments about not updating bother you. that's just how i roll.

Rodney said...

OMG!!! Dude, that is... AWESOME!!! I've never much cared for the "coloring book" style inks on your work. This is why. Because it has the potential to be this sweeeet if it's inked properly.
God you rock man!!! Keep it up. said...

nice line work! wow i cant wait to see the coloring! are you coloring this as well?
stay up!

Anonymous said...

just please stay on this book! amazing work!


hey skottie!

well, WWLA is done and everyone had a blast...

except ME!

i didn't go.

so i'm deffinately going to SDCC

ticket paid in full

so SDCC then

also on the last post i could have been numba 69! oh well :)


Frasier Olivier said...

Great Work...

DW said...

This spread is hot, Skottie! I can't wait to pick this up. I've been waiting for some monthly wor for some time and I have to say that I'm excited. Keep it up, man!

Anonymous said...

DAMN that shit is crazy!
U just made Match my favorite member of the team. Please stay on this book for a good long time, Please!

Tim Bye said...

There's a phenomenal amount of detail here! Great work

Mikey said...

Hey Skots man! Do you ever do in-store appearances at Comic Stores?

cindercatz said...

Sweet, sweet.. are we getting this as a gatefold, maybe? *fingers crossed*

Illiana looks AWESOME! :D
Demoness her due!
(prayin' she sticks around)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Skottie!! I am glad you're updating even if it's more than a week.. unlike other artists >_>

Keep up up the good work.

CrackerBarrellTwig said...

Good lord man, good lord. I just pass by and stare at your drawings, but this one is fantastic. I stare at it for like 5 min, and just become amazed at the exagerated figures, and great textures. I look up to you as a artist man, and every drawing you do proves to me why i lookup to you as a artist, and inspiration to do what i do.

gabor said...

really awesome!
I can´t wait to see it in color!

Manu said...

What a mess!!!! Very impressive!!!!

dustin said...

thats an insane spread man. reminds me of the early days of cliffhanger when id' see promo art for the first few titles by the greats. really exciting stuff man.



cliffhanger was cool

what a line up of talent that was

too bad they can't bring that back

Anonymous said...

This is incredible! It's been great watching you grow as an artist over the years. Peace!


Antonio Santamaria said...

Simply amazing Scott!!!

daniel said...

i love how the drama, action and light on the left is so sharply contrasted with the calm and dark on the right. that abrupt change pushes this piece way past awesome.

Alex Fleisig said...

awesome drawing... there's so much cool stuff to look at

BigG said...

That shit is too tight son! Keep killin' em!

Wes Gunn


trialsze said...

This is just some amazing stuff. Tim is an incredible inker. He makes you shine like he did for Joe Mad. Good stuff my friend.

Valhalla Comics said...

Holy shit, bro... phenomenal piece. Tons of detail and it all looks great! Tim's amazing to have inked this sucker; though, he is one fantastic inker. This is a great art team, for sure; excellent collab. =]


OOOOOOOO new blog design nice!

Mastro Pagliaro said...

you are incredible!

Niccolò said...

I do love your work, you have a very powerfull style!
Compliments from Italy.

motion said...

Wow, if only we could clone Tim Townsend and make him ink everybody :)


i'm numba...


50! :)

Mishkin said...

51 is a good number too :) Very nice work !!!!

Jared Moraitis said...

THAT'S a fine piece o' work -- can't wait to see this colored and on the racks!

LuC said...

hate u :(

the Incredible Andy said...

great drawings, great stylizations, and keep em comin' cause we love em!

Anonymous said...



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