Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Warm-Up: Trick or Treat

I know I'm probably way out of the loop, but I just found out that Rob Zombie is remaking Halloween. I have to say, for me, this is great news. From what I've read and seen, Rob is going to add some great elements and stay true to what made it a sick movie in the first place. So, inspired by this, I bought the 25th anniversary edition of the original Halloween by John Carpenter and watch the documentary while I did this morning's warm up. Good old Michael Myers.

For those who care to know. This was done on 8.5 x 11 xerox card stock. Inked inked with a water color brush, then water colored for effect. Then, a touch of photo shop to add a little texture to the finish.

[UPDATE] Here's a look at the original before the photoshop.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Audio Visual: Cole Blaquesmith

I thought I would try something new once a week. I'm going to take one of my warm up pieces each week and draw it to a certain song. then I will post the image, and a video displaying the image with that song playing. I thought it would be interesting to show you what mood I had in mind for the piece thru the music. I often pic a song out before I start drawing a piece, to help determine where to go with it.

Today, (Scott Hume: Ragefist, this is for you!) I followed the idea from yesterday and picked something I'm a huge fan of but have rarely drawn. Cole Blaquesmith from Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo. This is one of my favorite stories. Cole is a man who seems to have to fight his way across great lands to try and piece together his life and find his one and only love. Oh yea, he woke up after a few years with steam powered limbs.

Instead of going the action route, I wanted to take the very abrasive image of Cole and inject a bit more emotion as he holds his loves ribbon, pondering what he will have to do to find her. I put this one to "Roads" by Portishead. I think this song has the right mixture of sadness and idea of having to fight for something no matter how difficult.

So, there you go. Hopefully if I get the time in the next few weeks, I'll record me actually sketching the piece an set that to the song. But for now, take a few minutes and look at the image as you listen to the song. See if you feel the connection the same as I do. It will be interesting to see what you all think, or if better songs might fit the feeling that you get.

[note] I spelled Portishead wrong in the video, but didn't have time to change it. Deal with it! And I will be working on the quality, as I can see that it's not the best. Hang tight and we'll figure this thing out. Should be fun.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Warm-Up: We've Got a War to Fight

Today's warm up is something that I've meant to draw for years and I'm not sure why I haven't. Tank Girl. Jamie Hewlett is a huge inspiration to me and has been since the days of Tank Girl. I love the books, the movie, and the new Ashley Wood edition of the book. I love it all. I think that when I'm too much a fan of something, I tend not to draw it. Maybe it's fear that I could not reach the level the material that I've loved for so long, or maybe it's perfect in my mind and there is no need to taint it. But...fuck it right. Here's my quick take on Tank Girl.

[update] For those of you wondering, all the warm up drawings are on 81/2 x 11 Xerox cardstock. Colors done in photoshop. Inked with Sukura Brush Pen.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lead Poets Society: Come out, Come out Where Ever You Are

This weeks drawing night topic, A Kid and a Monster. I try to turn the idea around a little each time. If it's "Animals eating people" night, then I draw a cute squirrel instead of the bear. So tonight, instead of the monster under the bed freaking out the kid, I have the kid getting ready to shoot the monster in the face! Fuck you Monster!!!!

Instead of a drawing to warm up this morning, I chose to color this piece in my 30 minute time slot instead use this as my warm up. It's a fun piece and that's about it. This is one of those times that you just enjoy drawing with no care about it being "good" or "correct". It is what it is that's fine with me.

And, if there any artists out there that want a little insight on the ins and outs of being a full time comic artist, go to my side bar and click the Around Comics page for episode 118.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

By the Cover

Here are my a peek at my latest covers. First up, my farewell cover to New X-men. Issue 43 will be my last issue, so I wanted to see what I could pull off on the last cover. And, I just wouldn't be me if I didn't go out like I came in...with redesigns. I wanted to look like a team visually so I took the costumes of 2 of my favorite incarnations, New Mutants and Generation X, mixed them up and...well you're looking at it.Cable/Deadpool. Honestly, it seems that I've only been drawing Deadpool for awhile. But in this, he travels back in time to the Kirby era FF. So, why not put his ass in the ugly Fantasticar having himself a nice bath. I wanted to give this one an old feel, similar to the last one with Bucky. So, I did my best to ink this is a more classic style and use very muted colors. I think the effect works here.
And Marvel Adventures Ironman. These don't involve any deep description. They are just for fun's sake. It's like doing a poster for a cartoon on this book and that's fun.

I do learn alot, on all of these covers that I've been doing lately and have been pushing myself to try new things. From trying out new ideas with how to incorporate texture in the piece, or teach myself how to pull of an explosion in space, I try to learn something. I also like breaking the box on almost every cover here. Each one feels completely different, as they should because of the tone in each individual book.

And, thanks to everyone for all the replies recently! Keep them coming in, it's always a great inspiration.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Warm-Up: Childish

"When I became a man I put away childish things, including the desire to be very grown up."

C.S. Lewis said this when people asked him why he wrote books for children. This reminds me to keep in mind the origin of what I love most...drawing. Before I knew what Marvel or D.C. was, before I knew what a comic book, or super hero was, I drew pictures. I love drawing. I can't recall what I liked drawing the most, probably because I drew so much there is no way to remember. I drew all the time, with any tool that created a line on paper.

Amongst the contracts, negotiations, signings, failed projects, good and bad reviews, deadlines, tussles with editors and studio execs., 35 airports a year, the same convention halls over and over, and anything else that goes along with the professional artist label...it is easy for me to forget what I wanted to do this for. I love drawing. That's the end of it really. I love it. I love the kid that lives here no matter how many books I sell, or how much money I put in the bank. I need to remind myself to put away the childish "desire to be very grown up." and just put pencil to paper. I never used to need anyone to like what I drew. I didn't know to want it. I just wanted to turn a blank piece of paper into something, anything, just as long as it looked fun. An animal, a world that I have never seen, a twist on the world I have. Amongst all the things that have over shadowed that ideal, I have lost the child.

After hearing this quote, I wrote it down and pinned it on the bulletin board in front of my table. That's why these warm up drawings started happening. I always told myself I didn't have time to draw anything for fun, I had to work. But, like those parents who have kids and need to make time for them no matter what...I am reminding myself to do the same.


[updated] I added a color file that I made for my page header.

Friday, July 13, 2007

30 Minute Warm Up: Cat Woman

I thought I would do something different for my 30 minute doodle today. I left a minutes at the end for some quick colors. These warm up drawing are interesting to do because of the speed. It really forces to not care what lines look like. I really am just trying to hit a certain attitude and then it's all scribble after that. Maybe when my work schedule isn't so freaking packed I'll do some longer warm ups.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lead Poets Society Back Log

I just realized that I have a stack of Drawing Night sketches that I haven't put up. So, this is a Lead Poets Society image dump.

For those of you who don't know, a bunch of local artists here in Chicago get together every Wed. night and draw, drink, eat, and fight with each other about what movies are good or bad. We pick and theme each week and we all draw from that theme. We've grown to go for more clever drawings than actual masterpieces, but it keeps it fun that way, and less stressful. It's all about having fun.

So, Here we go with the themes and drawings...



(with no reference...CON AIR & BAD BOYS)


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

30min Warm-Up: Harry Potter

I know, I've done Potter before, but the movie and the last book are close to coming out and I'm too excited about it.

So, today I went with the Potter. I took 30 minutes sketched in blue pencil, and inked with a Sukura Brush Pen. Hopefully I'll get a little better as I go with these.

Ok, I gotta get to work now.


Monday, July 09, 2007

30 Minute Warm up: Man Thing

I'm trying to do some quick warm ups before I get started on the days work. We'll see if I can keep them up.

This one took me about 30 minutes, maybe a few less. Sketched quickly with blue pencil, and then inked with the Staedtler Mars Graphic 3000 duo. It's a great sketching brush pen. I'm trying to keep these warm ups quick for a few reasons. One, I have to get to the work on the table and Two, I want to draw something from the gut. No thought or planning or toiling over the thought that it isn't cool enough. I just want to let the hand start moving around the paper and see what happens.

Today was Man Thing. The Marvel version of Swamp Thing...I think. I don't really know anything about this character. But I was listening to Bullpen Bulletins and someone mentioned that it would be cool if I drew this guy. I thought it would be fun to try.

And, don't forget to check the side bar for the new Episode of Around Comics.


Friday, July 06, 2007

Zombie Baby and Around Comics #114

Here is my contribution to the Zombie craze we've seen lately. Zombie Baby. Just a quick 10 minute sketch. I'm going to try and do a little more of these quick sketch/studies.

UPDATE: You might notice that I've added the info and link to the Around Comics Podcast on the right side of the page. Since there are 2 new shows a week, I thought instead of creating a blog post for everyone, I will just switch them out on the side. So, keep an eye out for new episodes weekly. Monday's and Thursdays.