Thursday, November 29, 2007

Skate or Die

Today's post came from last nights Lead Poets Society drawing night.  We just did a free draw and I brought my brown paper with me.  It's a quick doodle really, but I'm pleased with it for what it is.  
This is really about a time I miss most in my life.  When I think about the past, I don't get sappy or wish I could go back...except when I think about my years of skating.  This really was the most fun time in my life.  We had a decent size crew, I would say anywhere from 5 to 20 guys on any given day.  And we skated,  If it was sunny and dry we were on the streets and if it was rainy we would go to I-Level (huge indoor skate park) or if it was to late for that, we would hit the parking garages.  Besides the indoor park, we had dirty ass, lowlife spots as well.  A club called Arkham that looked like some Mad Max shit with ramps that we built.  Another spot that a friends dad gave us.  A giant body shop on a closed Ford Dealership which we named SHUTDOWN.  It was like we never ran out of batteries and everyday would show new wounds of some sort.  Learning new tricks, watching your friends break limbs, getting that new board or wheels, FUCK!!!!  I loved that shit.  

We always sat around talking about how we'd all still be skating with each other when we were older, and getting gray, like we would be the ones to defy the odds and never stop skating.   To my knowledge, none on my crew remains.  A few have died, both from natural causes and some dumb ass drug shit.  A few are in prison for all types of stupid shit, and I swear, one is in there for killing a guy.  I wish it was shocking, but he was always bat shit crazy.  And the rest, like myself, just got older and moved on. (Though, I do still have a board that mocks me from it's home in the closest.)  Now it's been too long for me to be able to do anything but just role around, and maybe, just maybe, attempt some weak ass ollie.  Oh well, I'll always have the Tony Hawk games to make me feel like I still have it.  

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Fat Lady is Singing

Cable & Deadpool is coming to an end with issue 50.  This also marks the end of my longest cover run with 15 covers.  14 issues of covers and 1 variant with the Zombie cover.  Honestly, this has been one of the most important jobs that I've had in comics to date.  It was a chance for me to stretch out and experiment with all types of new ways to approach my art.  I've learned a ton from working on these pieces and tried some things I never thought I would.  So, it's a little sad for me to be done but I'm sure I'll find another book to do some covers on.
This last issue is pretty crazy and filled to the brim with a million characters and I think dinosaurs...what?  So I decided to just really keep the cover simple and have Deadpool go out shooting.  Not much else to say.  
Thanks for all the support on these covers!


Monday, November 12, 2007

The Beautiful People

So my return to regular posts after finishing New X-men has been met with a few hurdles. First I went on vacation for a week and then when I decided to get back to posting, I got called for jury duty. I went to the courthouse with full expectations of being back home in a few hours. But good old Cook County had other plans for me. I spent everyday last week serving on a jury in a civil trail. I am not a fan of getting up at 7a.m. and going downtown to sit in a court room all day listening to attorney's argue over crazy shit. But despite that, it was very interesting to be apart of the system. Whether the system is all fucked up is up to you, but it was a unique experience to say the least.

Todays warm up is one of my favorite Disney villains, Cruella De Ville. I think she is so sick, and maybe one of the most morbid Villains in the Disney animated archives. She wants to skin puppies and wear them...that's some sick shit.

It's been a few weeks since I've really drawn anything, so it's going to take me a few days to get back in the swing of things.