Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays if you hate Baby Jesus)

I fucking love Christmas time.  I don't know why.  I sit here and listen to the same Christmas songs over and over while I draw and have a smile of my face the whole time.  Love it!!!  I like the snow, I like the cold, I like the getting presents, I like the giving presents, I like the eating cookies... it's all good!!!  So, I hope everyone has a good holiday break and gets what they want.  
p.s.  I have an Amazon wish list, so there shouldn't be a problem with everybody getting me what I want...HINT MOTHER FUCKIN' HINT!!!!!
Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Whole New World

Again, I've been awol for a week or so from posting images but I have been working.  I was sick for a little over a week and I used that down time to finally start writing my first graphic novel.  I've been toying with the story for about a year, but I've actually put it together and started writing full on pages.  It seems that's the norm right, so why the fuck the self patting of my back.  Well, usually I spend ages putting together character ideas, story ideas, any ideas, and then just let it float away.  I think it's a fear of just starting the writing process.  Maybe I've been afraid I won't be good at it, or that it is something that requires some secret tools that I haven't been told about.  But, it really was just a mixture of fear and pure laziness.  

I'm a big believer in being honest with myself.  I was probably 10% scared, and 90% lazy.  Not lazy in the way of not liking to do work, but lazy in the way that I think there will always be time, you know, later on.  But I'm not getting younger and I don't want to be a person who spends my entire life trying to tell one story.  So, I have finally beaten both of those and now I'm 100% pushing full steam ahead on the script.

I have to let some of  you down in that I will not be telling you what the title is, what the book is about, or show you any artwork from the book until the last page is finished.  Again, I'm trying to keep myself from being the person who starts promoting a product that just doesn't exist.  I will not promote ideas.  Until it's finished, it's just idea.  At this point, there is not time table or release date.  It's done when it's done.  I will say, it is being worked on so it shouldn't be too far off in the future.

This is what I will tell you.  It is a GRAPHIC NOVEL.  It will not come out as issues.  I am only writing this one.  I will be working with another artist, and so far I fucking love the direction we're going with the art.  His name is Chris Carman  and the designs he's  given me so far are fantastic.  That's it, that's all you get.
Oh, and I am doing design work on my next Marvel project, so that should be announced soon.