Sunday, January 27, 2008

[UPDATE] Voodoo Auction & New X-Men Art for Sale

[UPDATE]  I have added another stack of art to the store so go over and call dibs!  Please be patient on the covers.  I will be adding a new cover up for Auction each Sunday so check then to see what cover comes up.

I've finally started to put a dent in the giant stack of art I have to sell.  It's way to much to tackle in one sitting so I will be adding new artwork and auctions to my store every Sunday for the few weeks.

The first Auction is the cover to Cable & Deadpool #48 featuring Brother Voodoo.  This one is tuff to let go of.  This might be my favorite original ever, and I usually lose the love pretty quickly.  So click on the store link on the right and check out the first batch of pages and make your bid on Brother Voodoo.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Huston: Fear Agent!

Today's warm up is a tribute to a great guy and someone who seems to write 600 books a month, Rick Remender.  I had the chance to hang out a little and chat with Rick this past year in Arizona for Atomic Comics FCBD signing.  Nice guy, funny, and really loves the craft, both art and writing.  You have to respect a guy like that.  So I pulled out the brush and did a quick doodle of Heath Huston.
I haven't finished the Fear Agent trades yet, but am anxious to get to the 2nd volume due to my man love for Jerome Opena.  If you're not familiar with this artist you should walk to the nearest high bridge and toss yourself off.  He's incredible.  Besides the 2nd arc of Fear Agent, Jerome has done a series for Dark Horse called Lone and I think a Star Wars tales thing.  My favorite though is this spiral bound little book I found at the Toronto convention, I think he put out himself.  It's like 10 pages of black and white, no words, kick ass action laid on top of a Mad Max type world.  I think it's called Rusted Lung or some shit.  It's bad ass.  
And some of you have been writing and asking about my X-men: Divided We Stand story.  It will around 8 pages with story and art by me and will focus on my favorite New X-men character Anole.  Editor Nick Lowe called me up to see if I'd be interested and gave me a pretty big list of characters to choose from.  Despite that list having characters like Gambit, Nightcrawler, Sunfire, etc., I had to stay true to my boy Anole.  He's my guy, and I hope I can keep coming back to him in the future.  I'll give more details on the story in the coming weeks.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Will magic books ever NOT be cool!

The idea of the magic book is like a corner stone of fantasy.  And why works every time.  We need an object that is the source of magic....magic book.  We need something that will tell us what will happen in the future.....magic book.  We need something that will tell us who the chosen one is and something that will give him his powers....magic book.  See, on that last one I combined another cornerstone on fantasy, but one that I like much less.  The CHOSEN ONE.  

I have never loved the idea of a "chosen one" in stories.  It's just too simple to say that we need a reason for our character be to the main character because there is nothing else special about him or her.  Oooo, I got it, they're chosen!  If you make a character that people can get into then your character can be a janitor that finds himself in the middle of Lord the Rings if you want and it can work.  The Matrix is a great example of how to fuck up by using the chosen one.  The first movie was pretty simple.  Neo=Chosen.  The two following that, the brothers fell victim to the comic book fan inside.  They built a story on plot and not on character and the chosen one became pointless and all powerful with no reason at all to be cared for by the viewer.
So, give me a magic book all day and I'll be a happy camper.  Hey, in the end it's all made up anyway, right.  This piece was done pencil, a watercolor ink brush, and a white out pen at our drink and draw, The Lead Poets Society.  Which I'm proud to say that we are still doing ever Wed. after a year and a half. 

UPDATE:  I decided to throw a little spot color on top of the wash to give it a little life.  The grayed version was a little drab and lacked the "magic" feel.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Planting Seeds

I've had an idea for a book for awhile.  I don't really have a plot, or characters,  or a title, or anything resembling an actual book...just the idea of an idea really.  Before I even start writing anything, I'm just throwing around some scribbles and see what comes of it.  Planting seeds and see what grows.  I have images in my head, but they're not clear yet.  I have a few subject matters that I will combine but I'm not sure how much of each, or which will be the dominant one.  
So, hopefully over the coming months I'll start to craft something that might change from idea into reality.  For now, just speculate on this sketch.  Speaking of the sketch, I'm not sure why but I love drawing furry collars.  Let's get to the bottom of that!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Something is Missing

The first post of the new year and it's just not all that special.  I'm working on a few things that you'll be able to see later, but for now you'll have to settle for a random doodle of absolutely nobody.  Though, once I finished it felt sort of like Michael Chiklis from the Shield.  I do love that show, so maybe it snuck in.  Whatever, there you go.

Now, something is missing.  Yes.  I have quite smoking.  As I type this, I'm on my 8th day with no cigarettes.  I used the nicorette gum for the first few days but seemed to not need it after I got over the hump.  The first 3 days were fucking hell and I can't believe I made it.  Now, I'm over the urge to smoke, but I still find images of cigarettes jumping in my head.  It's like having long hair for 14 years and then cutting it all off one day.  The first few days you want your hair back.  Then you're glad it's gone but you still feel as if something is missing.  Like washing your hair used to have more to wash.  I feel like part of my arm isn't there.  It's not bad, just odd. 

I've realized that I've never spent a day of my adult life with out smoking almost a pack.  That's insane, and a little sad.  I walked outside on the 5th day of the quit and something smacked me in the face.  It was strange and something I didn't even know I haven't really experienced before.  It was the smell of fresh air.  I know, this sounds lame and a little bit emo...fuck you!  It's for real.  I never knew how much smoking really takes away your sense of smell.  So, things are very differen't in my life right now, there you go.

I'm also working on switching over my blog to Wordpress so I can have a little more of a custom site.  For the time being you'll see my posts here and there.