Friday, May 09, 2008

Emerald City Comicon

Well, nothing the morning of my flight to let you all know I'll be in Seattle this weekend for Emerald City Comic Con.  It's pretty much the only show i'll be set up at this summer (how fitting since I'll be spending the summer drawing the Wizard of Oz.)  I don't know where in the convention hall I will be but I'll be there none the less.

For more info check out the ECCC site 

I didn't have any art ready so I've used Tim Sale's piece he did for the show.  

See you there.


Rick Lacy said...

Good luck and havy fun, Skottie! I can't think of a more fun way to spend the summer though. That book is going to look sweet.


mato. said...

dude.. .these are the times when i really hate living in argentina. ¬¬



Mason said...

I live near Seattle (not near, but I live in Washington). I can probably get to Comicon.

Mark said...

Hey Skottie, thanks for making the Mondo Marvel panel so awesome. You guys were fantastic. I'm glad my friends and I were able to help you find your way to the room on time! Sadly, your line got pretty insane after that so none of us got a chance to come by and talk after the panel. Maybe next year!

mandolin said...

Damn it! Why didn't I check your blog BEFORE the con? Hopefully, I'll get to meet you the next time you're in Seattle.

andy kuhn said...


good to see you this weekend. hope you made it home alright. stay awesome!

lacopol said...

really good design skottie!!!! so nice..