Friday, May 30, 2008

Office Space

[UPDATE]  I just finished this little pieced together panning shot.  I'm so crafty.

I thought since I've moved and I have a spiffy new studio space that I could show you some pics before I trash the place.  It's all nice and neat now and is the first space that I've had that really is set up the way I want it.  My old place was so old that it only had one outlet per room forcing me to put certain things on certain walls and networking a million cords all around the house.  Ancient radiators keeping me from placing things on  a wall, and shitty walls incapable of holding a simple shelf on the wall.

Here I'm all new an fancy...with shelves and everything.  I know, it doesn't take much.
Here is a general look at my workspace.  I went to Ikea and got 2 "build your own table" tables.  I chose table tops that match my bookcases and some simple table legs.  I wanted one table for my monitor (and the Cintiq I'm getting ready to buy) and one for my drawing board.  In my old studio I had a GIANT drafting table.  Seriously, it was like 60 some inches wide.  I got tired of my table taking so much room and I wanted to tilt the table more but couldn't because of the shit i kept piled on top of it.  So, i donated the table to my buddy Patrick for his comic store Challengers so people could come by his shop and draw.  I bought a few table top drawing boards at different sizes.  This allows me to tilt the hell out of my drawing surface to prevent hunching over tables but also maintaining the workspace of the flat table.  So, if I'm done drawing but I need to do...what ever else, I can take the board off, put it in the closet and have extra space.

You may not be able to see it well, but the tables allow for a decent amount of space to used underneath. I have mini fridge on the left of my drawing boards.  This allows me to keep a good amount of water, juices, sodas, ect.  at my fingertips.  

On the right and left of the "L" table set up are my large format Epson scanner and printer.

Above the drawing board on the shelf is the flat screen and dvd player.  I used watch movies on my computer but it got annoying working on covers and what not while images are flying around on the mini screen.  This keeps my tv and work separate.  I spend the majority of my day working with a tv show, movie or commentary  on in the background.

I have a simple multi drawer with rollers that I slide from under the table while drawing.  It's filled with pencils, pens, brushes, inks, and everything else you need at your finger tips while drawing.  

The Aeron Chair is the other must have for me.  My back used to feel like death was tapping on my door.  I've had the Aeron for about 4 years and haven't had back problems since.  It's pricey but worth it.  The even make a drafting table version.

The other spot on the table is for the monitor.  I like have the monitor at my fingertips while I draw.  It's great for reference, music, etc.  I have a PowerMac with a 20" cinema display.  I love this monitor.  In a few weeks I'll be getting the Wacom Cintiq and will be a little more prelim stuff on that so I'll still have enough room for both monitors.
Every studio needs the shelves filled with all the geeky shit we all love.  Art books, comics and DVD's.  Not much else to say here.  I do have a Blacksad bust from my buddy Sal and a Mr. Incredible from Casey.
To end this mini tour is the newest edition to my studio.  The dogs.  Our family has 3 dogs, Murphy, Cricket and Cooper.  Murphy is pretty Emo and has taken a long time to even let me come near him let alone hang out with me.  But Cooper (bigger one)  and Cricket both have really begged to come in the studio and hang out.  Both enjoy jumping on my lab and just going to sleep while I fiddle on the net or draw.  Cricket is asleep on my lap as I type this.  It's pretty crazy to have dogs around and actually like them.  I love dogs, but it's been awhile since I've lived with them and have them like me in return.  They're fun.

So, there you go, a very small tour of where I spend my days.  


Matt Hartzell said...

That's a pretty sweet setup!

Camburo7 said...

Very nice indeed. Just wanted to say kudos on the Ashley Wood cover. I love his work so.


Gordo! said...

I can imagine that if your drawing space is comfortable, roomy and efficient, that would make your job way easier and a real pleasure to look forward to.
Lucky Skottie.

Scott Hume said...

totally rad and spiffy studio man, makes mine look really primitive..hahaha,can't wait to see some Oz pages man.

Mark Stroud said...

Great workspace and I agree, four gold stars on the Ashley Wood background I have a Robert McGinnis piece on mine at the moment. I can't wait to hear The Devil and Me and see more of your latest work.

Grant Gould said...

very cool -- i love seeing artist work spaces.

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

mac or looks like a mac....awesome work space bro...keep hitting it hard man...its inspiring...from the bottom of me hert.

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

hey skottie, stephen silver posted something about where to get a cheap priced cintiq

"I ordered mine through Anthony Coffey at WWW.COOLGRAPHICSTUFF.COM. 212-594-4373"

just giving heads up if you havent read his blog lately. :D

Underduck said...

Totally cool. Thanks for the behind the scenes look at the new digs.

James said...


Thanks for the glimpse into your creative space. I especially like how thorough your breakdown is. I'm really enjoying the artwork that is coming out of your new environment.

I'm done reading The Wizard of Oz and I'm now more excited than ever to see your interpretation.

I really dig on your Mr. Incredible statue and I'm kicking myself for not thinking of the mini fridge under the work desk first.

"Juice anyone?... Don't mind if I do."

abhishek singh said...

hi i'm abhishek from india
n a huge huge fan of your work .since u did spider clan ..since then we've been hooked to your work n style ..
luv it ...looking forward for your oz book .hope that'll be sumthig special .
i've added you on my blog so many more here in india can se ur fantastic work
do visit and lemme know ur thoughts on my humble art .

Brax Harrison said...

Yo! Show us what it looks like after you've lived in it for awhile! Doggie turds ingrained in the carpet...trash-a-layin'. It is nice, though. Those colors on the wall should soothe the Demon Beasto Skottie.

Carlos said...

Nice place to spend your time. It looks you have worked a lot there.

Randy said...

Sweet setup! I like the TV being over the drawing space, although I'd be awefully tempted to always have something on while trying to work.


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Nice set up. Looks peaceful.

I love these pics. I have a thing for seeing where people make there magic happen.
Im saving for a Cintiq as well.


and it totally matches this blog :)

J. Treece said...

Hey Skottie, just wanted to say you're in for some fun with the cintiq. I got mine, and man I'll tell you I will never know how I ever did anything on any other kind of tablet.

Just a word of advice, if you haven't checked this out is a nice companion for the cintiq. Keeps sweaty mitts off the screen and lets your hand glide on it rather than sticking to it.

- J.

Reuxben said...

Thanks for the great tour!

As a college student considering drawing for a living, I found it truly enlightening.

JASON said...

Cool spot man. I love the TV idea. working out of my room I am trying to figure out how to maximize space so the GF dont come in to a comic book littered madhouse of paper! and finally thank you for sounding off on the people from Gary,Indiana saying they're from Chitown!! Classic!

Matthew Luxich said...

Hey Skottie!

love the new work space! i got a questions for ya? where did you get the table top drafting table from?

or is it mounted to the wall? thanks for letting us peer into your workspace..


Parka said...

Now that's what I call a happy shelf! Nice work place.

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