Thursday, June 26, 2008

3 for 1 Special

Ok, so I'm almost a week away from my last post and as you can see I've not posted my 3 pieces this week.  The road to hell is paved with best of intentions.  My road is paved like a mother fucker!!!!

I'm going to be gone for the weekend hanging out with buddies at Wizard World Chicago, so I'm throwing 3 pieces today to make up for it.  (and I'm getting my Cintiq today so I will be working on Oz and then playing with my new toy)

One is a quick digital sketch of a lion...maybe even cowardly.  One is a today's warm up of some some crazy looking little office manager lady.  I see her as the pant suit power lady that bosses everyone around.  And one was something I did as an experiment.  About a year ago I did this test  with photo tracing to show that it can be done in a organic way if you want to.  I'm not sure I would ever do a book like this, but it's fun to play with things.

I'll be at the Marvel Booth on Sat. in the afternoon.  Come by and say hi.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Shut My Mouth

I say I'll have an update one day and a week later I'm here.  The first issue of any project I do always keeps me tied up while I get comfortable with it.  Oz has been no exception.  It's taken little time to get used the material and find my footing, but I think I'm there now.  I'm have so much fun working on this book and think that it will be something special when it's all wrapped up.  Eric has spared no detail in the scripts!!  

Onto my drawing for the day.  I'm going to force myself to throw a warm up drawing here at least 3 days a week and stop these big gaps of not updating with art.  

Today's a hint of a project I'm working on.  Child Wars is in development  stages and will take awhile to put together but this something that has been in the fire for awhile.  I won't say a name, and I won't say a date, but it's all about fun.  That's it.  Fun.  I was writing this for another artist but I think he's a little busy with some other stuff (I had no loot to throw up front so who could blame hard feelings brother, you're still amazing.)  I love his work and will get him involved with Child Wars, something a little smaller in scope.  

Jesus, what a fucking ramble I just went on.  Back on topic.  I will be drawing this myself now.  I'm going to be using my nights after drawing Oz to work on this.  I will be tired as hell but I'm tired of not having my own book out there.  Don't you hate us artists...we're all so full of shit.  We're always talking a big game about this project and that project and boo fuckign wooo, i have no time.  I'm tired of my own bullshit and ready to put pen to paper and get something out there.  I skipped conventions this past year to work on things and got a great start, but have slacked a little lately.  It's time for me to shut my mouth, put it on my own back, and start climbing the hill.  My goal is to have my Graphic Novel done by next summer.  And hopefully Child Wars will have made a dent as well.

So, here is my vague ass teaser sketch for a unnamed project with no release date.  How do you like that for informative. 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Audio Assault

Ok, I'm going to have an art update later today, even if it's a quick sketch.  Things have been getting back to normal now that I'm settled in the new place and than means work is back in full force.  I need to get back to my daily warm-ups though.

For now, got over to SIDEBAR and listen to my good friend Dwight and Swain chat with me on their show.  It's a 2 parter and pretty fun.  (I know, I'm a podcast whore!)

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the first few episodes of the Devil & Me.  We have almost 600 downloads of the first episode and the 2nd isn't far behind.  Thanks for all the support.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Devil & Me Begins now

Episode 1 is up and ready to go.  Visit the website to download direct or click to subscribe to the iTunes feed.  You can also search for us in iTunes.