Monday, July 28, 2008

New X-Men Art up for Auction

I'm parting with the rough pencils for the New X-Men 4 cover spread.  The auction ends next Sunday, Aug. 3rd.  

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Original Art For Sale

For those of you who haven't gone to SD Comic-Con, you get first pick at the new stack of pages for sale in my store.  X-Men: Divided We Stand, Spider-Man: LOTSC, What If? Ringo Fantastic Four Ringo Tribute, and New X-men are all included in the new update.  And be sure to check back this coming Sunday for a very special auction.

Wide Load Pigs

Casey's mom had meetings at work this week and they have been doing odd exercises.  Yesterday they had everyone draw a pig.  When finished, depending on where they started the drawing, how much of a pig they drew, blah, blah, blah, they could tell you the kind of person you are.  I don't really buy into that stuff, but it is still interesting.  So today my warmup is a pig.  I wonder what this says about me?  

Tools used: Cintiq, Sketchbook Pro & Photoshop

And just for a little poetry to go along with the art, Aesop Rock's hidden track on None Shall Pass...Pigs.

Sharks in the dunk tank, vipers in the garden
locusts stole the groceries out the local farmers market
All God's critters hold positions
some are violent, some are victims
each alive is an equal and vital piston I support -
so when the piranhas honor New York
my daddy long legs dangled and mangled for sport
and while I bring in every dink in the kingdom with open wings
it all boils down to them shit soaked pigs.

The pigs, the pigs, the dregs of which I'll aim for -
the gluttonous muddy stomachs under the pudgy cakehole
two-track braniac usin' the food and payroll
to chew up and consume every cookie crumb and peso
and place a cloven hoof on the lucrative when convenient
as the bourbon odor smokers' cough smolder off the C.O.E.B.A.
If Noah had the benefit of hindsight on his ship
he coulda snatched two unicorns and left behind the motherfuckin' pigs

Goddamn pigs!
Pot belly pigs!
Punch drunk pigs!
Take money money pigs!
Loud mouth pigs!
Wide load pigs!
Let's make a deal...

When all the wolves in wooly wigs have huffed and puffed and blew the bricks
the skulls of Brooklyn's cruelest pigs will rain up Fulton's newest kicks
as mulish swine of all surrounding counties sniff the gruesomeness
we'll pass around the pineapples and pull the pins in unison.
I will gladly feed you to the breed who wants you sacrificed
No pagan or sacrilege – just bacon for scavengers.
I will gladly seat you with the chickens not the passengers
Hopefully the crack in his armor spreads to his avarice.

Never that – Wilburs multiply quicker than triples
And hunted truffles in fistfuls but it was all bells and whistles.
Bougie this and bougie that – war pig or pussy cat
Glitzy to the porks ribs had to gold leaf the booby traps.
Powder pink, double-breasted mess of mud and money
Waddle to the fire to make his stubborn tummy roggle
I'm all "I don't really know the working details of your tribes
I know that that's one ugly fuckin tie,
asshole" pigs

Goddamn pigs!
Pot belly pigs!
Punch drunk pigs!
Take money money pigs!
Loud mouth pigs!
Wide load pigs!
Let's make a deal...

Apple in his mouth, maraschino eyes
Party like the butcher boy's cleaver is alive
I mosey into sixteen hours of smoke in the misty winter
to see the county fair's blue ribbon winner is dinner
then dance until the sun has kissed your blisters in the morning
as the misery was dormant indignant in crispy portions
Corporates fund alarm and they whore 'em
Or does he whore to corporates to expand the more important forums for 'em?

Push the mortar pestle past the ordinary orchard
when the frilly borders faded is the product mine or yours, pig?
Mine, plus I toss a token where I go –
directly to the worms who shovel shit and yellow snow.
This little piggy went to the market with a target
and will subsequently know the armor piercing forks of farmers.
Final words for the finer birds taking notes:
I dig a chick in pigtails "that's all, folks!"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Office Space Vol. 2

This isn't as detailed as the last time, but it's a little closer to what my studio looks like when work is going on.  A bit more clutter, and I've finally got a few things framed and hung up.  It's nice to finally have things a bit more filled it.

Learning more on the cintiq, I decided to sketch this "office guy" in contrast to my job.  I really never forget how lucky I am to get to craft my own space, create my own schedule and enjoy myself while making  a living.  This guy doesn't get the same and I tried to add that in his simplicity, his almost sick color, and his expression.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I watched IDIOCRACY when it first came out and thought it was ok.  While I thought parts were funny, it felt over the top.  Lately, I've come to change my opinion.  

I'm not the kind of person that starts hating on something once it becomes popular.  Everybody hates Myspace now because everyone is on it.  I love Myspace because everyone is on.  It's help create a second income for me by letting more people know how to get their hands on my sketchbook, art, etc.  But there is a new thing happening that I can't figure out and it makes me believe that IDIOCRACY is here in a big way.

TWITTER.  Are you fucking kidding me.  People hang around on a site updating people on what they're doing.  Well, I guess that's the intent of the site, but it seems that it's becoming somewhat of a forum/chat room thing.  We've become so retarded that we've forgotten that we created things for that...FORUMS and CHAT ROOMS.  Are you fucking kidding me.  

I recently read about battle on twitter by fully grown men.  I'm paraphrasing here, but it read something like this:

manchild01:  You did stupid stuff, you are a stupid head!

iWouldKillmyselfifIcouldfindawebsitethatdiditforme69:  you are stupider head...burn!

manchild01:  Your head are totally more stupider than mine so burn that burnded face head.

iwouldkillmyselfificouldfindawebsitethatdiditforme69: Your head is the stupiderest head of all the stupidheads in the stupid world. 

manchild01: You are being so childish, I'm done with this

manchild01: oh're a stupid head...bye.

Seriously, I wish that was far off but it's not.  I will state here, I will never be on Twitter.  I can't bring myself to swallow that pill.  No offense to those who choose to do it, I just don't quite understand it.

By the way, this is another piece done on my Cintiq.  Still loving the shit out of it.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Oz Peek 2

Ok, so I thought I would give another very small preview of an Oz panel.  (And it was a reason to come on here and give a little bit of a rant)

[ok, let's simmer down now]

Ok, so I've deleted a new rant.

People who know me know that I might fly off about one subject or another from time to time.  While my concerns in my rant were very real,  I probably shouldn't run my mouth with out knowing everything.  We all know what assumptions make.  I let my anger for something that I wasn't directly involved in get the better of me, which I know better.  (I told you I shouldn't use this thing to bitch and moan.)

I've talked to the people involved it looks likes things are getting squared away.  In the future I'll do my best to not be such an asshole while talking about some things.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Testing, Testing, One, Two

I'm still playing around with this Cintiq....and I LOVE THIS THING.  It really is just amazing.  I thought that it would feel different and make me draw a little strange but it feels just as natural as anything.  In fact, in a lot of ways, it feels easier making drawing a little more effortless and fun.  There's not bearing down to get that last bit of lead to do what you want.  There's navigating around heavily erased, or drawn over areas creating insane amount of dirt and smudge all over the paper.  It's always clean, it's always bright and there is no eraser dust all over the place. 

Again, these are just quick warm up doodles.  The head shot is to test a program called Sketchbook Pro 2009.  I downloaded the trial version of this program and it's crazy how much like drawing with a pencil this is.  This program is perfect for drawing, but so far, not that great for the kind of inking I'd like to do.

The other is in painter.  Painter's pencil tool is very good as well, and because of the inking options in Painter, I may prefer this program to the other.  I'm not sure yet.  

And, I thought I would drop a little OZ Preview on you.  Just a tiny one to get you excited.  I'm having fun using the loosed inking style on this and after some back and forth and a few test pages from both of us, Jean-Francois Beaulieu has set a new bar for colors in my eyes.   I knew there was a reason this guy has been my right hand man for so long.  

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What were you expecting

My new Cintiq has been staring me in the face since it arrived last week.  All I want to do is sit for hours and learn ever corner of it, but work has to come first.  Soon, learning the Cintiq and work will be the same but right now I'm about an inch away from finishing up the first issue of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  

Keeping all this in mind, I still have doodled a little on it and's really cool.  I love it already and thought I would show you my first official sketch using the Cintiq.  It's not all fancy pants like most peoples kick ass work, it's truly a sketch.  Me testing the tablet and a Painter's ability to simulate ink. So, take this completely mediocre doodle and think to yourself....Skottie got a Cintiq and this is what he gives us.

More to come.


P.S.  Thanks to everyone for listening to the Devil & Me.  The downloads have been amazingly high and we've been featured in the New and Notable of the Comedy section on Itunes.  Casey and I hope you're having as much fun listening as we are recording.

[update]  sorry, I deleted this rant.  I read it, and I just come off like a bitter old man and that is not cool.  Sorry for being dick.