Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Big Head

Holidays.  I have felt no love this year.  Last year, much love.  This year... none.

I have had a huge lack of updates in the last few months and I'm going to do my best to remedy that in the coming year.  For now, check out the cover to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #5

You can see here that I made a few changes along the way.  I always do a thumbnail for approval.  Most people will do 4 or more sketches for 1 cover.  I don't really like to do that.  It tends to split my attention and I'll just do 4 weak drawings, usually the weakest getting picked to be the cover.  So I take a little extra time and try to nail one really good idea and go in with a little color to show where I plan to take it. 

You'll notice here that I made a little change at every stage.  When I started penciling (which is done digitally on the Cintiq), I decided to add more black to Oz's face.  This helps give a more ominous feel and that he really is coming out of the darkness.  After inking it (brush and ink), I decided that the smoke that swirled above his head looked a bit off and just brushed over.  Once I started coloring it, I realized that the smoke felt out of place and felt like it was a bit of a different style.  I just just couldn't make it look right so I just erased all the smoke.  I tried to make the effects a bit more magical and I think it helps take the image to another world.  

There you go, a little info into creating a cover.  Thanks to all those who went out bought the first issue!  Thanks for your great comments.  (Except the guy that wanted his money back... haha, sorry brother)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1 On Sale Now

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1 is on shelves now.  You've been hearing me run my mouth for awhile now about this book and it's finally here.  I can't say enough about all the people involved.  Jean on colors is just making my heart melt on a daily basis.  The editors seem to be getting paid to simply email me and tell me that I rule the planet and Marvel as a whole has put so much support behind it.  But Eric Shanower has really done a fantastic job of bringing his long history and love for Oz to our take on the book.  

So, run out and pick up the first issue and then come back and let me know what you think!

HERE is a great review if you're interested.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Winter is Here and Regrets Come Knocking

So, Winter has set down already and it has made me wish we would have moved to Nashville a little quicker.  We'll be there in a year or two, but for now we'll settle for this crazy plot of land.  We're not even calling it a yard... it's the grounds.  My friend, Jill Thompson, asked me to post some pics of the new digs so I uploaded some pics from today.

As it started to snow again, and I needed to get Emma tired enough to sleep thru my afternoon work, I took her outside to play in the snow.  (Yes, I'm going to become one of those people.  The guy who calls his dog baby girl and acts like it's my kid...except like with training and stuff.)  I walked her around the "grounds and then into our few acres of woods to explore.  We found some kind of shed deep in the trees that could only be used for scary Jason type shit.  (not to be confused with the smoke house we have in our yard that is also used for murdering and such.)  As Saint Bernards were bred to dig people from avalanches in the Swiss Alps, she takes to the snow like a champ.  After we walked for awhile I noticed that she would follow the scent of our previous tracks and run them like a track.  Seeing how much she wanted to run, I let her off leash and she has a ball.  Sprinting across the yard until she would decide to flip and roll thru the snow.  It was  true joy to watch.  

So here are few pics of Emma Bob Young, 16 weeks and 40 lbs.  

And a little teaser from a later issue of Oz.