Saturday, January 24, 2009

Issue #5 gets Wicked

I've been waiting forever to do this cover.  This is one of my favorite covers I've ever done.  The source material has a ton to do with that.  Who doesn't want to draw the Wicked Witch of the West.  


Anonymous said...


Roland said...

Freakin' scary. Great interpretation.

Jesse Smith said...

That shit is dope!

lordseth said...

holy frickin shit man,,,,,,thats fucking incredible,,,,,to be honest,,,thats the best frickin drawing youve ever done.i dont care what anyone says, they can kiss my ass.
you make me sick you once said, im gonna go slap the shit out of my dad for not inserting more skills,,,or somthing like that. you the best dude.nuff said.

RAWLS said...

Great work man!!

Steve Daniels said...

Skottie stop torturing me,that is freakin awesome brother. What is it April before we can get our hands on it. I know your laughing right now with your whip in your hand saying dance my blogger monkeys dance .

The Optimist said...
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The Optimist said...

OMG! This rocks! I'd run screaming if I saw her coming at me. Can't wait for this one, Skottie!

Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous. One of the best pieces I've ever seen from you.

Will you be attending NYCC this year, Skottie? said...

Wow! This is just incredible! I CANT WAIT!

M Polli said...

Oh dude that cover is perfection! DANG!

David Cousens said...

That is possibly the best thing you've drawn so far Skottie, it's superb!

Fabian said...

Wooa! It shows you really were waiting to do that cover, beyond amazing work! Can't ait to have that issue in my hands :)

Odd Voodoo said...

Wow, that is one killer pic! Fantastic rendition once again!


Bill Hook said...

Wow! That is amazing!!!!

Can't wait for this issue!

Dayne Henry Jr said...

dude. THAT IS DAMN AWESOME. I like drawing this type of stuff, where everything is all mangled up to make one big pile of goodness. Good stuff man. Big fan.

- Romidion

Anonymous said...

thats insanely good

j_ay said...

Hell of an illustration. Looking forward to it.

Quini said...

hola, me encantan tus dibujos, tienen un toq sublime

Justin said...

cool beans

Joshua James said...

Wow I didn't realize this was you when I was checking out the book at the comic shop the other day. This was the ONLY book in the whole shop that caught my eye. Very cool! I can't wait for the TPB > <

Emad Zedan said...

this is great, I like it so much, your style is crazy man

Ryan van der Draaij said...

Brilliant! Love the composition.

Paton said...

You can tell you are having a good time with this project. I've really been enjoying the series so far and now I'm giddy with anticipation. I'm not sure how much more awesomeness my eyes can handle but keep it coming!



You are a fine illustrator whose current work shows a monumental leap in technique and maturity. I admire and envy you simultaneously, and I hope we get a chance to talk again someday. Thank you - for sharing this, as well as all the other images previous. They are, put simply, inspiring as hell.


Enrico Teodorani said...


Josh said...

This cover looks fantastic, Skottie.

I read your "Break it down" post and I really cannot say thank you enough. I just got done killing myself with inking a short eight page story and I penciled with such clean lines that I could have almost left the pencils as is. It really was "suicidal" inking those pages. I was so out of my rhythm that I nearly gave up.

I did finish finally, but this next short story should go smoother with the process you discovered with your work. I did the same thing, but I wanted some pencils to show to publishers, but that's all over with now and I'm back to sketching and then going straight to inks.



Jon Roscetti said...

Amazing cover. This will look good in the storybook sections.

Anonymous said...

very great, man!

funbubblz said...

awesome,indeed,youve been one of my favs,pls keep posted like to see more.

jay said...

i 'm frenshy and i like your works
it's very great ;you are a very good style ..;

Sandro Cabral said...

Hello, all right?
Very good work indeed, congratulations for the beautiful style of art.
Regards .........

Darrin said...

Reminds me of Whelan's Crimson King imagery from Stephen King's Dark Tower:

In other words, unadulterated win. Loving this story all over again thanks to you and all the rest of the team!

Darrin said...

Thinking about it, the recent pics here that are upcoming - this one, the Tin Man in the field of roses, and the surreal Oz "Big Head" image posted earlier in the surreal style of Dave McKean in Wizard and Glass - you GOTTA be a Dark Tower fan.

This is the best comic book art I've seen in years.

Frank kennedy said...

Wicked witch looks great, one of your best.
Just wanted to say thanks for sharing regarding your post on breakdowns and how you thumbnail, Pencil then ink. It really opened my eyes.
Again great work on the Wizard of oz.

Nathanael Lark said...

Absolutely brilliant!

Daniel said...

just realized the comic store never called me to tell me when more wizard of o came in. if'n you'd start sucking a bit, they might be able to keep these things in stock.

also, this cover looks insane. i know esther will want to see it, but if it's as scary on the inside as this, she may have to wait a few years. she's so doggone delicate.

keep up the good work comrade.

Anonymous said...



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