Wednesday, February 25, 2009

F'd In the A and a little Deviant Art

I remember when South Park first came on TV, I thought it was the funniest show I had ever seen. After following it for a few years, I drifted off to just the occasional episode hear and there. But recently I found and fell back in love with the show.  The site has every episode from all 12 seasons online for free.  So, over the last few weeks I've watch almost every episode while working on Oz.  Now Dorothy has a potty mouth like Cartman.  

I think the style of animation works perfect for South Park, but I couldn't help do a quick doodle to see what I might have made kids look like.  At some point, intend on taking this to a finish but figured that I could show you guys a piece that doesn't make it much past the idea stage.  Sometimes that's all I need to do, just move the pencil around until the idea is out of my head. 

Also, I have finally started a Deviant Art account.  After years of not having the greatest gallery setup on my site, I figured it's time to start a DA account and use that as my gallery.  So be sure to check that out as well for art and a different kind of journal entry.  


Monday, February 23, 2009

O Mama

Casey has been making a few videos to let you everyone hear a few of her newer songs. Here's one of them, and you can search Casey McCauley in YouTube for more.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Just a bunch of JUNK

I'm on the tail end of putting together a new art book and this one is going to be huge.  B-Sides was 80 pages and now seems like a little baby compared to the new one.

JUNK is going to be around 250 pages of just what the title is... all kinds of junk.  You'll get a chance to see all aspects of my work.  I decided to add everything I could find.  Doodles, scribbles, breakdowns, pencils, colors, covers, pages, designs, half finished pieces, abandoned ideas, and anything else that I've done.  I basically just went thru my files and added them to pages and left them they way they were.  No adjusting, no coloring just for the sake of putting them in the book.  This is a real look at all the things that go into my work.  Some of it may be good, some... not so much.  But it all will be an accurate look at the different levels of my illustrations.

So, again, it will about 250 pages, full color, hardcover.  Due to the full color and giant page count, this one won't be cheap so start saving those pennies.  I should have this ready to go in the next 2 to 3 weeks and it will be available for sale online.