Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Warm Up: Junk Yard Bot

I'm going to get back to posting some of my daily warm ups. I won't be posting them daily but a few a week. My warm ups used to be me drawing Catwoman, or Grifter, or whatever. That was fun but I did find that challenging or educational. Meaning that I was just doing my version of other peoples creations and that didn't push me to think to try new things. So I've shifted to doing more original ideas and concepts. I'm really just trying to capture ideas into quick sketches and not trying to do a pretty piece. If it comes out looking more thought out and final, then great but I'm not pushing for it. This is where experiments happen and learning is the goal. These sketches and doodles will fill the pages of my annual art books coming soon.

Junk Yard Bot. I love showing scale and that was the goal of this sketch. to show the size of the robot compared to the kid. That's it, it was a study in scale. Nothing deep, nothing poetic. Just a doodle to keep my head in the world of scale.

More later.


Anthony S Rivero said...

Great plan. I enjoy rough sketches and doodles far more than anything else, so why not develop your own IP while you're practicing and having fun?

Keep up the great work.


Fabian said...

Hey Skottie! Nice idea, man, as an exercise sounds great! What a great piece yo came up with!! :)


I dig the screen tones, Skottie. It's a great, simple effect that really adds depth.

Thanks for sharing.


ashbarron said...

Looks goos Skottie
Look forward to seeing more

RAWLS said...

...wait... is the robot telling him that he brings death and doom, or is he just explaining about skulls?!?

sammy! said...

Nice screentone effect! The compo and layout of this piece is superb...You da man Skottie!

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