Thursday, August 05, 2010

Making of My Graphic Novel: Video Journal #4


Michael Startzman said...

Awesome! Thanks for taking the time and sharing these video blogs! It's so cool to see the process!

Alberto said...

Thank you, I was missing these videos already!!!

I'll be following the process of your novel.

Nelson said...

Thanks for the inspiration!!

David VanDyke said...

Good stuff man. If you're on the fence with digital inking, check out Jonathan Glapion on DeviantArt. I'm assisting him and we are inking Capullo on Haunt 100% digital. Give it a peek and see what you think. I think our technique could work well with your style.

Anyway, keep up the amazing work and can't wait to see the finished product.

Lenny said...

I would suggest that you follow your gut with the inking thing. You work both styles well, so go with what will make you more at ease on a whole (saving time). Again, very geeked to see the unveiling of this project.

- Lenny (theprophetlen)

Anonymous said...

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jo said...

you are SUCH an inspiration! thank you for such awesome art and yeah, sharing this vid. been following you on devinatART since forever.
cheers to you!!

-enakshi (from india. your art reaches all sorts of exotic places! ;) )

Phan said...

People often ask me that because they have a script that hasn’t sold and they don’t know what to do with it. For whatever reason Hollywood studios have passed on it (not necessarily for a good reason, mind you), and the writer’s agent or friend has comforted the writer by saying, “Maybe it would make a good graphic novel.”