Saturday, August 07, 2010

Making of My Graphic Novel: Video Journal #5


Lenny said...

Editing sucks sometimes. Their are things you really like, but they don't work, so they have to go. I'm sure it'll make for a better read in the end. Keep it going man.
- Lenny

Fabian said...

I enjoy a lot these journals, man, they are very helpful and i get inspiration from it. So i am around waiting for your next one! :)
Have an amazing weekend and wish you success on your graphic novel.

Andrew Elbendari said...

You ALWAYS have to hit a part where it's rough road. (more than once, so look forward to that ;) I was waiting for your super smoothing sailing through to dip but like you said. All for the better of the story.

These video blogs/vlogs are awesome! DO NOT STOP!

artgeek12 said...

These journals are totally insightful! Even though everyone has a different process, it helps to see how others work. Very cool Skottie!

So will you have extras in your graphic novel like this deleted scene or maybe your script pages? Those would be cool to include.

Tanoshiboy said...

Dude, that you scrapped 24 pages makes me feel stronger about scrapping 30 pages of my own novel. The fact that yours are drawn and mine are written makes me admire you more.

Anonymous said...

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Rogers said...

Hey Skottie,

I'm a total hobbyist interested in writing a graphic novel for the fun of it and sharing it on the Internet. Your updates and discourse on strategies is inspirational for me - and I just want to say, best of luck. I'm following along to see how things work out for you.

Looking forward to hearing more about the process and your success.