Sunday, August 29, 2010

Selling my ModBook

Anyone interested in buying my ModBook?  I bought it in March with the intension of using it when I'm away from the studio. But having a 10 month old doesn't mix well with working outside of the studio. So I've barely used it. By barely, I mean I've only turned it on 5 times in 6 months. It works perfectly and is basically brand new.  It's maxed out on specs.

2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo
160 GB Harddrive
6 GB Memory
2.5 years left on the Extended Warranty

I bought it for a $2500 and will be selling it for $2000 with free shipping. That's less than what you can get a base model for once you add in tax and warranty.

For more general information on the Axitron Modbook visit the official site

Drop me an email via my contact page if you interested in purchasing the ModBook.


Mark D Taylor said...


I'd love this. I could actually work on my own comics while at my full-time job.

But alas, I am in the same boat.

14mon old and a 4yr old (who's starting school Wednesday).

Funds are tight all around.

Enjoy the little monkey, some of the best days of my life are hanging with the kiddos. It simply doesn't get any better than that.


Raz said...

would love to get this but I can only afford this in payments, so I wouldn't be able at this time. Great looking system there hopefully you'll get a buyer soon.

Brax Harrison said...

I'd love it...too bad I'm a PC dude.

-EM- said...

i want one of those sooooo bad, too bad im always freaking broke, i had to scrape up money just to get your junk book. i don't understand why art supplies are so pricey.

Sharp Brothers said...

You still selling this?

plaidklaus said...

Would you sign it? hehe, it would raise the value in my eyes!

Zac Atkinson said...

whats the screen size?

VitaminPK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
VitaminPK said...

I wanted one of these so bad, but in the same boat as everyone else: 13 month old, tight on money and wondering if I should hold out for new tech. The HP Slate has touch and pen input. Who knows if it could run Photoshop though.

xiao said...

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Phan said...

Ebay can be fickle, as the selling price depends on the right person happening to see the ad at the right time. There are other factors such as how professional your ad looks and how long you've been a seller. Bidders will be less shy about bidding high for a seller with a longer history and good buyer feedback. You can also stimulate bidding with low flat rate shipping and buyer-friendly terms.

You have an idea of the limits. If you want to sell on Ebay, you can set your reserve somewhere above the minimum in line with a price you can tolerate.

Sometimes you can get more by selling directly to a freind, but if there are problems down the road, it could test the friedship (despite the fact the Macbook has Applecare).