Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello There

I doodle a lot. I either in my sketchbook while watching tv or on my cintiq after I've finished my work for the day and just need to get a something out of my head that doesn't have to do with a script or work.  Usually I just play with shapes and character.

Today, this little guy came out. He didn't mean anything while I was drawing him but when I was finished, I grew to see him as the a hero in a grand adventure.  Most heroes in our stories and fairy tales often look the same. Cute as a button little girls, or the thin, rugged young kid. Sure, they throw glasses on sometimes to tell us he's nerdy but we can usually see thru that. Something about this little guy speaks to me for being outside the hero mold.  Who knows, we'll see if he can find a place in a story some day.

To finish him off, I thought I'd throw a nod of my buddy and great artist, Jim Mahfood "Food One".

Now that I've finished posting this, I'm starting to see similarities to Russell from the movie UP. I love that movie and I'm sure parts of him are lingering in my head. I'll have to work him up a bit and see if we can create a bigger gap between them.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Boombox Cometh

Time to drop in for an update on the things going on around my way.

First up, my graphic novel is going well but had to be put on a pause for a bit.  I had an opportunity come up that I just couldn't pass on. Don't worry, the graphic novel is under way and will get done, and this new thing is also an original project of my own.

Second, OZMA of OZ #1 is in stores now and you'll be seeing installments of that each and every month like clockwork thru out the year. WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ is available as a Hardcover, Softcover, and now Digitally via the Marvel App.  MARVELOUS LAND OF OZ is available in Hardcover.

Thanks to everyone for supporting JUNK ONE.  The sales on them have been amazing and I couldn't be happier. I had planned on putting out a new volume of that each year but will need a bit more time to collect the amount of art that it took to publish that on. So, the large 100pg art books may have to be every other year or so.  This will give me time to have enough art to warrant the big, nice package that was JUNK ONE.  But...

Don't worry. I've been filling up sketchbooks with pen drawigns at a crazy pace and have a new plan. There may be a larger gap between large art books but I'm going to fill it with smaller volumes of sketchbooks titled BOOMBOX. The books will be smaller, 48 page hardcovers collecting images directly from my sketchbooks and keeping things very raw and natural. The best thing is I'll be able to keep the prices nice and low. They'll be starting at $20. The first volume is ready and I'm just waiting of a few more things from the printer.  If sales on BOOMBOX 1 are good and fast enough, I'll be able to put BOOMBOX 2 very soon after. I would love to be able to put out 2 of these volumes a year.

So, there's an update. Thanks again for all the love over the years. You all are amazing.