Friday, January 14, 2011

Bernard Collection goes Digital and gets Cheaper

For those of you who dig reading books and comics on your iPad, iPhone, Laptop, etc. then you'll be happy to know I'm testing out the digital waters by releasing THE ADVENTURES OF BERNARD THE WORLD DESTROYER via digital download.  And the great thing... IT'S ONLY 2 FREAKING DOLLARS!!!! Go up to the store page or click below.


If you missed it online a year ago, or haven't jumped in and bought the printed collection, well now is your chance to grab little alien by the bulbous flying thingy and read away for only $2.  

And for those of you still interested in picking up the print version, good news... I've dropped the price from $15 to $10.  Do that math, my friend. That's 5 bones you're saving. 

I'm testing out how digital books sell and if they do well, you will see many more in the future.  For now, you can also look forward to my new sketchbook STUFF v.1 coming next month. More info soon.


fatjester said...

My iPad just became a little bit cooler. Thanks!

DaveTheSodaGuy said...

is bernard based on invader zim?

Alberto said...

Maaaaan!!!! thanks a lot, I just purchased it and I'm just ready to enjoy Bernard, again, thank you, here in my country, that's the only way for me to get it. Wonderful!!!!!

Steve Talkowski said...

Skottie! I just ordered the book and LOVE IT! This is dying to be animated.