Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Digital Update

Tomorrow makes 2 weeks of me selling THE ADVENTURES OF BERNARD as a digital book in PDF form. I thought you all might be interested in keeping up with the progress along with me and we'll take this ride together.

Last Friday I was had 391 downloads. As of tonight (Thursday) I'm at 531 downloads. Now keep in mind that the most orders were placed on the first 2 days it was available, 108 on Friday and 88 on Sat. Since then it ranges from 20 and above each day. The only promo this week was a daily reminder on twitter and a few news sites mentioned it.

These may not seem like ground breaking numbers to you. I mean, you usually see an indy issue around 3000 or more. But at $2 a pop with no one taking a cut, I've cleared more than I would have selling around 3000 print copies at $2.99. So I'm very hype about these numbers even if they seem to be "worse".

Again, I'm not preaching on the death of print and retailers nor am I saying that I'm not going to be apart of that world. You'll be seeing OZ books from us for years to come and I have no idea what my plans will be with my OGN once it's done. But I also know that Bernard or other indy books like it are a tough sell for retailer to take a risk on. Hell, they're tough for a creator to take a risk on. But that's what makes this method even better. You get to put your material out in the world only risking the time you took to create it.

I will be holding on to my digital rights on all creator owned works in the future though as I can see where I think things will be going and I'd like to benefit from it fully.  But I will always offer a print book even if it's self published. And I'll always offer those to retailers and fans alike.

One of the most interesting things about this thing is the number of people who either started selling books themselves or contacted me to get info on doing so. Most of them are heavy hitters as well so I'm excited about whats to come.

There you go. A little peek behind the curtain of week two in the Digital Experiment. I'm not buying mansions...  yet. Things could go dry by next Friday, or they could double. Best part is, it'll be available either way. I can promise that there will be more digital material from me in the future. Thanks to everyone for their support!


Ktop said...

I like what you're doing. I would like to write some novels one day and also sell them this way. Yes the numbers aren't threw the roof but you haven't really advertised or anything. And this is one book, so if you had two, three or 10 those numbers become multiples. Finally once in play the work is done forever. So what's the line " let the haters hate and watch the money pill up" I know that's not why your doing it. I just thought that was funny and it's 3:00 am.



joverine said...

very promising future for creator owned digital downloads! Now if only I could get over my fear of writing my own.......

grats on the success Skottie!


Trinity said...

I have to say, this book was fun to read but at such a small page count and it having some pages with just numbering, i felt like my money was worth a digital copy but I might have passed it up if it is only in print.

This is the type of book that I think works perfectly for eReaders. I think it would have been brilliant in color but I understand the limitations you have on something like this. I read it on my Nook Color and it was a good fit to the format. Keep this kind of thing coming.

I have also downloaded another book that seems to have been spurred onto digital from your experiment so this has had a larger affect on creators and I think that is awesome.

alewar said...

Add another purchase to your count. Downloaded straight to my iPad and into iBooks. Looks great on it too.

Always enjoyed your work. Glad I'm been able to support your profession.


jessie said...

Great job in thinking outside the box and exploring other options. We need to embrace the fact that things are changing.

Massacremike said...

Just plopped down my 2 bones via paypal, downloaded, read and LOVED. Your work has always brought me great joy and now this digital experiment of yours is bringing me great inspiration to set pencil to paper and get my own project off the ground. Thank you so much for the fun, the humour and for getting my gears going!