Monday, February 07, 2011

Buy a Book to Begin the Week: FLIGHT

I thought I would throw a wrench at you this week and not only give you an anthology, but seven volumes of them.  FLIGHT is a great collection of short stories from the widest range of creators you can find. Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet) brings together some fantastic talent from the beginner to some true vets.

The best thing about these volumes is they are meant for all ages. You can enjoy them for yourselves or share them with the little ones in your life.

My good friend Ryan Stegman believes that the comic book is the perfect medium for anthologies. I have to agree with him. Not every story needs to be decompressed to 100+ pages. Some can feel just as epic in 8 10, or 20 pages. They're great for just flipping thru and stopping, and reading story with feeling the need to begin on page one and barrel thru. FLIGHT's seven volumes prove all these things to be true.

You're in for a treat. A few of my pals like Jake Parker and Doug TenNapel have stories inside and you won't be disappointed with the rest of the creators that join them.

Flight, Volume One
Flight, Volume Two
Flight, Volume Three
Flight, Volume Four
Flight Volume Five (Flight Graphic Novels)
Flight Volume Six (Flight Graphic Novels)
Flight Volume Seven

A quick note on this weekly column before I go. While I will highlight a decent amount of creator owned books, I'm not sticking strictly to them as some people have assumed. I'm trying to highlight books that I love and that's it. I'm not fighting a battle of indie vs. corporate comics. I'm not fighting battle at all. I just want to share the books that I dig think you might as well.

And thank you to the folks at Blacklist and Top Shelf for offering up some books for me to read. You all are awesome!


Joe Romano 2 said...

These are great Skottie, I bought a few of them last year when I heard Kazu was involved. I love his Amulet series. He's got a really cool style.

Jeff Solway said...

Hey thanks for doing this every Monday, I only get a chance to visit comic shop every once in a while and because of that I get whelmed this will give me a few things to look for.

Fabian said...

Flight rules, and i only own the first 3, muts buy the others soon. :)
Great recommendation Skottie!

Ken said...

I got #1 for Christmas, and #3 with a Barnes & Noble gift card. I want to get the rest. What a great format for exposing people to all kinds of stories and art, in a package that should catch everyone's eye.