Monday, February 21, 2011

SkottieScott Daily Sketch Blog

The daily warm-ups have been fun enough so far that comic book master Scott Morse and I have decided that we need to team up and give you even more. We started the SKOTTIESCOTT blog to get our juices flowing for the day and offer you all a peek inside. It's pretty simple. We'll pick a character each day and both do our take on it. Quick sketch like character studies of some of our favorite characters. We'll even get you all in on the action from time to time.

A bonus to this blog is, each of our pieces will be available to come home and live with you forever. Both Scott and I will be selling each daily piece for $100. There will be an email link on each post for you to contact us if interested.

So, each weekday check out the SKOTTIESCOTT blog (we have the domain name we just need to plug it in) for the new sketches. 


Fabian said...

CCOol!! Going there right now! :)
Have a great week, man!

Joe Romano 2 said...

Very cool. Just checked it out. Really looking forward to checking these out everyday. Your killing me man. Now I'm going to have to buy one of these sketches..

messytimbo said...

Cool! Gonna check it out