Monday, March 07, 2011

Big Thanks

Sending out a thank you to everyone at Emerald City Comic Con this week. Jim and George Demonakos, you two are as classy as they come. Thanks for taking care of us so well and putting on one of the best shows out there.

And then all of you that came by to show your support by bringing books to get signed, buying my art books and art, or just saying you like the work, thank you. It gets me excited to get back to the drawing table after hearing so much enthusiasm.

Next up, C2E2 Chicago in two weeks.


Paul F said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago. Wish I had one of Oz HCs with me to get signed, but they're back in Ireland. :(

danbanana said...

skottie, are you doing sketches at C2E2? or just signing?

Doug Dorr said...

Thanks, my son was really happy to meet you. Keep up the great work

RuAn said...

A pity, United States will always be far. Hugs and greetings