Friday, July 29, 2011

Back from SDCC a little heavier

I'm finally starting to recover from the week that is SDCC. It's an 5 days of hardcore con'ing and whatever moans and groans you might hear from us leading up to it, it's always a blast. I'll do my best to give a rundown of my time there.

First up is the extra weight I had to carry home... :) As if my fragile ego needed it, 2 more Will Eisner Awards have come to live with the 2 from last year. One for BEST PENCILER/INKER and the other is for me and my incredible collaborators on the OZ books for BEST ADAPTATION. I'm so happy for Jean, Eric, Sana, Jeff, David, and everyone else up at Marvel who stands behind us and our work year in and year out. They all work hard and if a little statue helps show them that the work is appreciated than I'm all for it!! Congrats you guys, let's try again next year! haha. And Congrats to all my pals who also brought some home. Rafael Albuquerque, Scott Snyder, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Jim McCann, Janet K. Lee, Fanco, Art Baltazar, John Layman, Rob Gulliory, David Peterson, Karl Kerschl, and Greg Rucka.

The con itself was a full success. I went in with 6 cases of art books and left with zero. I sold out around 4pm on Sat so Sunday was spent walking around which I normally don't get to do.

I picked up some great books which I still haven't had the chance to read. See, I got a little purchase happy and my art book stack got too big to bring home in the luggage. I packed it in a box and shipped it back home and I'm waiting on it now. I'll take a snapshot of my grabs when it gets here in the next few days.

Scott Morse, Scott C. and myself had a blast at our workshop we put on at TRICKSTER. We all sat on one side of a round table and just painted for 2 hours. We took suggestions for the 40+ attendees and had a great time explaining our thought process as we worked. It was very chill and great to be able to interact so closely with the people there.

So overall, this con was a complete success. I've got a few things cooking now because of it that I hope to share soon.

Thanks to all of you who showed your support at the show or passing along info on Twitter. And thanks to all of those that supported OZ the last 3 years and helped bring home a few more of those nifty statues.


Fabian said...

Congratulation to you and your team, man!! You deserve it!! :D Always beyond amazing job!

Ev said...

Dude, Congrats! That's quite a haul! You gotta shoot for 3 next year!

Denny said...


Ros@ la Barber@ said...

you are a great man

Veronica said...

Way to go!

Wayne B. Medina said...

Right on brotha! keep rockin it man! :)

Victor Preato IV said...

Congrats, your work is phenomenal and inspires me to keep pushing myself with my own work. You deserve it!