Friday, August 26, 2011

Daily Doodle 5: Apocalypse

I loved the shape I went with here but I tried to use my Copic markers and things didn't go over as well as I wanted. They're not great on rough bristol board, and my markers were sooooo old that I couldn't use half the colors I wanted to use. I still like the outcome over all. I may buy a new set of Copic marker and see if I can't make them work properly next time.

6x9 bristol, brush and ink, watercolor.

UPDATE: All Daily Doodles from this week have been sold. More next week!


Boatwright said...

The Copics are refillable, but never as good as they were brand new. Will save you a LOT of money in the long run though.

cutestcatintheworld said...

Nice Doodle!

Fabian said...

Even if your copics didnt work well, one cannot tell, for it looks damn cool, Skottie! Perfect!! :D

stonecrestcollectibles said...

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RAWLS said...

ha ha! Love it!!

Pinocuozzo said...

wowoowwoowowowowoowoowowowooo... congrats from Italy!


Austin Madison said...

This guy puts the "upper lip" in apocupperlips.