Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daily Doodle 2: Juggernaut

My goal with these Daily Doodles is to see just how far I can push shape while still maintaining the character. Hopefully as time goes on I'll push them to crazy places.

Brush, ink, watercolor. 6x9 bristol.

I'll be adding all the Daily Doodles to my store each Friday for those that want to buy them. First come, first serve.

And a reminder that my out of print art book JUNK ONE  is now available as a PDF download. Click here to visit my digital store. 


Michael Lapinski said...

Mission accomplished! In general, I'd love to see more mainstream superhero work push those big iconic shapes over photorealism.

Joe Romano 2 said...

Freaking awesome Skottie. I'll be checking the store for this on on Friday.