Thursday, September 08, 2011

Finding The End Part 5: Found the Beginning

Today was an amazing day. Ever since I decided to start writing in a bit more of a traditional way I've had a few starts that just weren't sitting right. Today that all changed.

Each time I would finish the first scene of my story I would step back and shake my head. It started out so right but by the end of the opening it was nothing but wrong. The various starts felt too formula, like here's the intro now we're heading to Plot Point 1 then we'll roll into Act 2. That's movie stuff. I'm not saying that's the wrong way to approach a comic, but it's not the kind of story I'm trying to tell. I'm attempting to look at different points of my life and see if I can inject them into a story. A graphic novel to be more precise. I want to take advantage of the NOVEL in graphic novel and let the story tell itself however it sees fit and not get lost in the three act structure that we all usually fall into. Again, I'm not dissing that method and I'll probably tell many stories in my life using it.

After a few days of missing the mark of my opening, I decided to pack up my laptop and sketchbook and change my environment. Maybe getting out of the same old same old office space here at home will get me out of the rut of repeating the same mistakes. Change the scenery and maybe I'll rattle something loose. That's exactly what happened. I setup shop at the local library and after firing up Samurai Champloo (I like background chatter) and chugging a latte I was typing away. After a few hours I was floored at my progress.

Instead of thinking of the opening scene, I just wrote ANY scene. I dropped into the middle of a situation and wrote myself out of it. I did that a few times and then I started seeing the whole picture. I realized it didn't want to be and A, B, C story. I wanted to drop in around C, leave and then come back around E or F. The story started capturing moments and I could figure which order they need to be in later. Just grab the emotion now and piece it together later.

Writing at the library and having a completely different focus in a new location was so good I did want it to stop. Having a family, I do my best to keep regular working hours of 9 to 5 and 5 was coming up fast. I decided to meet Casey and my son Baxter at the park after work and use all this positive energy to wear the kid out on the slide. After that we took care of the two dogs, Casey cooked up some yummy salmon and then I decided to head back to library to keep the momentum. A few more hours and I shut the place down and now I'm typing this. My excitement is through the roof because not only have I found the path but I feel I'm jogging down it at a good pace now.

Thanks for following along. Next time we'll check in on my main character, Boy.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is awesome! I appreciate your perspective on the creative process and without sounding too cheesy, I also appreciate your perspective on balancing work and family. Thanks

KevinHarden said...

Latte in the library..... my how you have changed :0) What happened to the new office outside the house?? when are you guys moving to middle Illinois??

Pancho said...

Follow this guy just amazing journey.
Creative process is something we study steady hand and see a diary like this is very good especially because I'm going through it too, but I've never thought like you seem to have been found, but reading his story is inspiring and encouraging.

and let the boy!

Philip A. Buck said...

Thanks for posting these, they are really encouraging in my own creative process and are also just plain interesting and exciting! Keep up the awesome!

octoberisfine said...

That's awesome! It's interesting to see how changing one little thing can make everything fall into place.

Unknown said...

Love hearing about your process. I'm trying to get through my first story right now, and it's a real bear. This helps!

abhishek singh said...

one can so feel the positive energy oozing off this article:) keep going ....:)

Mythidiot said...

You rock man. I'm glad you found a way to break through!