Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daily Sketch: Maxx

Sam Keith played a HUGE role in my young artistic development. I really look up to him for his freedom of expression in his shapes and lines. So fun.

Maxx is 6x9 bristol, pen and ink.


Denny said...

I agree, Sam Keith is a reference for me. Great art!

Clancey said...

Love it! I just watched the whole animated series while I was home sick earlier this week.

Fabian said...

NiiiiccceEE!!!! You should do Julie! :)

Matt said...

So FUCKING cool!! I'm super-bummed out someone bought this already.

scott said...

Absolutely fantastic.
HUGE inspiration for me as well. His style is so singular.
Probably my favorite of all your daily warm ups, Mr. Young.