Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Invader Zim Daily Sketch

A few years back I did a month of gag cartoons called THE ADVENTURES OF BERNARD THE WORLD DESTROYER.  A little alien that came to earth, confused by our ways but didn't care much because his mission was to take us out. I thought I was so clever.

Then I discovered Invader Zim. Ok, so I spent too many hours slinging burgers at Ed Debevics in 2000 to notice this little gem of a show. I found it on Netflix and devoured every episode in a few days. First I laughed at it's genius and then cried that I had just about ripped the entire concept off without knowing it. Only IZ had done it much better.

So today is my tip of the hat to one funny show. Invader Zim.

Pen on 6x9 bristol. You can buy the original in MY STORE


Joey said...

Invader Zim was a favorite of mine. Too bad they're not making new ones. Did a great job on him.

Janina said...

Oh, I totally have to watch more episodes of IZ! I loved the few I watched, they were great fun.

Your sketch is really awesome.

Oh, and I didn't know about bigcartel, it looks like such a great option for artists, so thank you for that! ;)

sergio flores said...

omfg!!! u rock!! man u roksss!!!

SpookyTurtle said...

Soooo, a few years ago you inadvertently duplicated an excellent cartoon, and your response to that coincidence is to deliberately duplicate the same cartoon today? Ooooh-kay.

Joe Romano 2 said...

GER!!! I love this show. Great piece. Check out Aaron Alexovich's site. He's the guy that did the art work for Zim, pretty cool stuff.

DIg your version.

angelica Lovera said...

i like, is really cool..
the best ilustracion