Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day

Illinois usually starts getting snow in late October to mid November. December is usually a complete whiteout for as long as the eye can see. It's around this time that I always start getting hit with story ideas that puts a character running around in all that snow.

The snow came much later this year, but when mid January came and the snow finally fell, so did the sparks of inspiration. Trying to keep with my 2012 manifesto, I won't say more than that because I need to actually DO something before I get too excited. 

But here's a quick sketch I did when all that now started falling. I just pulled out the brush and drew. No pencil, no underdrawing. Just started drawing with that brush to get the idea out. Then I threw in some very basic color to give it a little life and we have a piece. 

Something may be out there. 


Janina said...

Great work, I love his expression and how fluid everything looks. And there was no sketch at all? Amazing.

I should try to do a loose sketch directly with brush too, some day.
Was it a pentel sort of brush or the traditional brush + ink pot?

Joey said...

Very strong. Sometimes you have to skip a few steps to get an idea out.

Nearchos Konstantinou said...

You are absolutely right! When you get those sparks, you don't need that underdrawing! Fantastic job, way to go man!

Rogers said...

I love all your posts, especially the ones on the progress you're making on projects - I find it truly inspiring.

Keep up the good work!

Towbson said...

same probleme here. every time when snow falls. the same prob with the sun...poor artist we are