Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Spawn Daily Sketch

I LOVED Spawn. A lot of people want to rewrite the 90's like none of us enjoyed what was going on and that comics were all around bad. But if you've noticed lately, all of us that grew up on comics in the 90's are now MAKING the comics and we've been bringing it all back. Capullo is drawing one of the top sellers, Extreme Studios is relaunching, Age of Apocalypse being brought back in Uncanny X-Force (one of the best books on shelves right now) and I could on.

The 90's were fun. the 90's got me into comics so that will always be MY era of comics. Once day I'm sure I'll find an era to complain about and some youngster will be smacking me around. But until then, I'll be here loving those comics that got me excited to roll into the store every Wednesday. No comic did that for me more than Spawn.

It was a big story that covered Earth, Heaven and Hell but felt small at times. A confused guy living in an alley with bums. A homeless wizard like character would come and hint towards the bigger things to come. A cast of characters ranging from politicians and mobsters to angels and giant demons and clowns and, and, and. It was an awesome world and I loved living in it.

So todays warm up is Spawn. I'm a little unhappy with how safe this one feels. I really intended to push it but as I was coming to a finish I realized I didn't really go that far. I'll have to revisit Spawn again soon and get my revenge.

6x9 Bristol, brush and pen. SOLD


Wayne B. Medina said...

Yeah man!! I think I'm around your age and I loved growing up in the 90's with comics....especially image comics. One of the reasons I wanted to get in the art game. Great spawn man and great post!

JTR said...

I also remember Spawn being one of the coolest new comics when I was younger. It seemed so fresh and different to me at the time. Even though you might think your take is a little safe I love it! Too cool to see you take on this character.

William Jay said...

That's a great take, it really gets how tattered the character is (to me, anyway).

You're absolutely right about 90's comics being unfairly maligned! For a decade that got so many of us hooked on the characters and comics in general, it should be celebrated, but people want to brush it off like a bad memory. Keep bringing it back, Skottie!

Anonymous said...

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And that's NEVADA senators , too in GERRIZZO.
And if ORRAN has anything to do about it, you can be sure she'll fuck GESSIS way more than any OSIRIS.
Last I heard it was all bout SNOW PENNY?
What's MOVEN?
Besides all the logbooks?