Monday, May 14, 2012

Lobo Daily Sketch

I'm going to start this off with a disclaimer. This isn't a hate post, it's not meant to start a movement of any sorts or get a bunch of replies about how this guy is the devil and how he drew pouches and shoulder pads and no feet. Pouches are awesome, GIANT shoulder pads are even more so, and his comics are riddled with feet. Though I've never read a comic made better by adding more feet so that complaint has always bee very funny to me.

Rob Liefeld is a comic book cheerleader, played a huge role in my early days of reading comics and has always been a very vocal supporter of me as a professional creator. So my following post is meant in good fun.

A lot of people are up in arms about a lot of things in comics these days. There seems to be a new hot button topic every other day. My twitter feed reads like some sort of Sorkin episode. Everyone is talking so fast while a camera is sprinting behind them as they walk from room to room battling the finer points of who owns what, who screwed who, what company is more evil than the other, and so on and so on. I love Sorkin, but sometimes it just gets to be too much. Then I listen to a podcast with Rob...

... and I have decided that he must be stopped. (again, not really. Take it easy everyone)

He's writing a comic that will feature Lobo and his feelings on the character. That Lobo had become the Wile E Coyote of comics. That he had become to gag based and he would be making him more badass and hardcore. I'm all for everyone doing their thing with the toys there given and I'm sure he'll write a fun comic. But I for one, LOVED the humor that Lobo comics have brought over the years. There are 2348 comics on the shelves that have badass, hardcore, I'm here to get serious characters. There are very few humor books, especially when you start looking into the mainstream lines. Giffen, Bisley and the like have given me some great laughs over the years with their Lobo comics. It was a nice little corner to go to when everyone is in tights was grimacing and getting broody. Having Lobo cut off an old woman's arms and legs while hunting down Santa... well that's just my kind of comics. 

Again, this is all in good fun. Rob's going to do his thing and I'm sure you all will enjoy it. I don't get my fanboy rage on very often and thought I'd take my chance today in my Daily Sketch. Lobo is sad over the end of his fun era. Now he has to go get a REAL job in comics, and get serious. We'll see you again one day, funny Lobo. 

So there, Damn you Rob. You're killing my childhood... or at lease my early adulthood, or something. :P

Original for sale in MY STORE  (at home today so no scanner. Just the photo.) 9x12 bristol, brush and pen.


Carolina said...

LOL... oh, my! this is just greeeeaaaat...! ^__^

Jeff C said...

Even his skull kneepads are sad... great drawing!

Any other superhero-type comics you would suggest that have that fun and humor vibe to them? Not a huge fan of sulking superhero comics.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Skottie to do a Lobo series for the New52! :D Great work man!

Mike Jones said...

Lobo is the best.
Sweet lines mang!

beats headphones said...

A lot of people are up in arms about a lot of things in comics these days. There seems to be a new hot button topic every other day. cheap Beats headphones My twitter feed reads like some sort of Sorkin episode.

Megan said...

so cool, this picture has creative art, i like it

Felicity Mozdzen said...

Your sketch has a great design for knee pads! The skull shape is bad-ass. The next time I buy roller skates, I'll surely look for a sports gear as menacing as this one.

luisa williams said...

Me too! @Felicity I would shop for a quirky and animatedly design in buying my own roller blades. Perhaps I could just ask you to design it for me, well if it's okay?

Luisa Will