Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Thank You, Maurice

Maurice Sendak, creator of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE passed away this week. There's not many names you can mention that played a bigger role in nearly every kids life. That book has been in my house in some for or another since before I can remember. My son 2 copies now and will own many more thru his lifetime.

I thought a lot about that book this morning. I've said "That book isn't as good as I always thought it was." And after some time today, I've been wrong in saying that. The strength of that book is how vastly different it is being read thru the eyes of your 7 year old self than the 34 year old man I am now. I grumble at how quickly it moves and doesn't actually show you that much in the way of imaginary worlds, or even WILD THINGS really.

But then I remember how big my mind was at 7. Those gaps are important, those spaces are crucial. They allowed me to imagine on my own where the wild things WERE instead of being told and shown every corner. Imagination is a powerful thing. That book shows the beginnings of it and allows you to fill it all in.

So today's piece is a quick thank you to Maurice. I hope to revisit this subject over time in a more official manner but today we'll just give a sketch.

In honor of the man who touched so many children's lives, this and the rest of the weeks Daily Sketch proceeds will be donated to ST. JUDE CHILDREN'S RESEARCH HOSPITAL. Thank you in advance for helping out.

9x12 bristol, pen, brush. For sale in MY STORE


Jack the Radio said...

Incredible piece and stoked the proceeds are going to a good group.

Mike Jones said...

really sweet drawing.
Creative people like Mr Sendak really give us a perspective on just how rich our childhoods were. I say 'give and not 'gave' because the imagination he brought into the world will never diminish.
-cheers man!

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Megan said...

amazing! theese picture is very beautiful

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Manoj Singh said...

Amazing artwork!!!

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Leonardo Bernal said...

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