Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SDCC and Convention Sketches

As I have been for the last few years, I'll be attending SDCC. You'll find me at my usual spot at booth #4601 with a whole gang of super talents like Bruce Tim, Art Adams, J. Scott Campbell and many others.

I'll be setting a new method for getting sketches at SDCC this year. I will have 2 prices. $80 for the normal sketches of licensed comic and movie characters I usually do. Meaning, if it exists already, you're in the $80 zone. Even if it's your own character, that already exists. $60 will be for those who allow me to just make something up. Something completely original and one of a kind.

You can ask for a Robot Hippo and that puts you in $60. You ask for Deadpool, along with the other 80 people on the list getting Deadpool, that gets you $80. I'm going to do my thing on both, so don't worry. Just one will be cheaper and much more original.

Now, this has nothing at all to do with anything legal or moral or ethical or whatever. I'm not taking a stand against anything and there is no soapboxes near me that I'm trying to stand on. I just want to start creating some more original art at conventions and what to encourage you to get something like that from me.

As always. It's first come first serve. If you want to ensure getting a sketch, get on the list first thing as soon as the show opens. My list at Heroes went to 50 in the first 40 minutes of Friday. It fills up fast go get there early. I try my best to move around on the list for those people who don't have full week passes.

Go get your think on.

Heroes Con Rundown.

Another convention is in the books. Heroes Con 2012 in Charlotte, NC is one of those special conventions that no artist or art fan should miss. There are a few writers there too... i think 3 or 4 ;), but this show is filled with artistic heavy hitters from all walks of comics. You can't help buy get inspired and energized while you're at this convention. I got so many cool books from a wide range of talent. Cons like this are like super fuel for the creative tank.

I've mentioned this before but I feel the need to cover it again. Conventions like Heroes, Emerald City, Planet Comiccon, Boston, etc. are showing us something. People want what we're making. Sales numbers, countless articles and blogs, even some publishers are telling us that this won't work or that can't sell or there's not an audience for that or that style isn't marketable. My career has been a gauntlet of these kind statements. But over the last 10 years I show up to these great conventions and the people are saying something very different to us all. They are excited by finding new things, new styles, new voices. They want it, and these conventions are giving us a chance to give it directly to them. 

Broken record time. Comics aren't dying, they're changing. Evolving. I'm a fan before I'm a "pro" and my money is voice on that side of it. I have been using it support stores like Challengers and Day Dream Comics, attend the conventions like Heroes, ECCC, PCC, etc, as well as fund a number of Kickstarter projects. Creators who don't always fit into the mainstream model have so many avenues to expose their work now. It's exciting times and I'm thrilled to be a part of it as both a fan and a creator.

Thank you all for your many years of support and to those of you who are just being introduced to the wacky world that is my work. I'm grateful to have you along for the ride. Below are some of the sketches and commissions I did at the show. Enjoy. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Word of the Day Sketch- LUMP

Trying a new thing out with daily sketches. I'll ask for words each morning, pick one and do a sketch inspired by that word.

Today's word is LUMP

Original for sale in MY STORE
8.5x11 bristol
brush and ink