Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SDCC and Convention Sketches

As I have been for the last few years, I'll be attending SDCC. You'll find me at my usual spot at booth #4601 with a whole gang of super talents like Bruce Tim, Art Adams, J. Scott Campbell and many others.

I'll be setting a new method for getting sketches at SDCC this year. I will have 2 prices. $80 for the normal sketches of licensed comic and movie characters I usually do. Meaning, if it exists already, you're in the $80 zone. Even if it's your own character, that already exists. $60 will be for those who allow me to just make something up. Something completely original and one of a kind.

You can ask for a Robot Hippo and that puts you in $60. You ask for Deadpool, along with the other 80 people on the list getting Deadpool, that gets you $80. I'm going to do my thing on both, so don't worry. Just one will be cheaper and much more original.

Now, this has nothing at all to do with anything legal or moral or ethical or whatever. I'm not taking a stand against anything and there is no soapboxes near me that I'm trying to stand on. I just want to start creating some more original art at conventions and what to encourage you to get something like that from me.

As always. It's first come first serve. If you want to ensure getting a sketch, get on the list first thing as soon as the show opens. My list at Heroes went to 50 in the first 40 minutes of Friday. It fills up fast go get there early. I try my best to move around on the list for those people who don't have full week passes.

Go get your think on.

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