Monday, July 02, 2012

Akira Daily Sketch

After a ton of work and traveling, i'm back with my dailies. I know I started the Word of the Day but my schedule has been too crazy to keep that up must yet. I'm going to block a month out in the Fall and revisit the idea. Today's suggestion was from Twitter.

Akira. 9x12, bristol board, brush and ink. SOLD


Valentina Perla said...

amazing work.. i love it!

Carolina said...

Tetsuo never looks better!!


Isa Soto said...

Man... I love all your stuff :D
Great work!!

Stevie Bullock said...

The little kids always kind of creeped me out. And the part where Tetsuo begins to transform into that nasty creature, I couldn't watch it when I was younger but now....I'm cool...sometimes. Movie is freaking awesome though!