Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mice Templar Daily Sketch

It's cool to live in a  world where we have 2 mice driven fantasy comic series. Mouse Guard from my buddy David Peterson and Mice Templar from my buddy Mike Oeming and his team Bryan Glass and Victor Santos. I've done a Mouse Guard piece so today I went with Mice Templar. Though they may seem similar, these are two very different books and both great in their own way. go check them out.

8.5x11 Card Stock, brush and ink.


Victor Santos said...


Congrat for your work, Skottie, I´m a big fan of your Oz adaptations.

BDS said...

Hey Scottie! I picked up The Ballad Of Beta Ray Bill at HeroesCon and was rereading it before I saw your daily sketch the other day. Was wondering if you had ever thought of Beta Ray Bill as a Daily Sketch possibility. I bet your version would be really cool. Still hoping the Devil & Me podcast can return one day. I miss the Imitations you used to do to make a point.


Always perfect... Just love your art work... :)

Joe Romano 2 said...

Looks awesome! Love both series!

Anonymous said...

bad ass.