Friday, July 06, 2012

Steampunk Daily Sketch

Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo created a book called Steampunk back around '99-2000. It was so different than all the other books coming out of the big publishers. The story was mysterious, epic, and centered around a mans love for his dying wife. There were no capes or anyone saving the day because of the pain caused by the death of a loved one. It was more than that. Like some of my other favorite books by Joe Kelly, it explored loss and love and the mistakes we might make because of. Add to that the beautiful, puzzle like artwork of Chris Bachalo and it you have a book that had me trying to imitate it for years.

I just didn't want to draw like Chris, I wanted to draw Steampunk and draw just like Chris. I mean... I almost literally wanted to BE Chris. The pages pulled me and made me rethink what comic books could be. A lot of people complain about his work on that. "I couldn't tell what was going on." "It's too confusing." Blah, blah, blah. :) It was the first time I landed on the arty side of replying "THEN YOU JUST DON'T GET IT!" Ha ha. I was very protective over my love of Steampunk.

The book finished before it's intended end so I'll always hope for it's return. The best part of my journey with Steampunk is where I've ended up today. I was kid in comic shop looking at a promo mobile hanging from the ceiling in 99. Today I'm lucky enough to call Joe a close friend and nervously talk to Chris on the phone about the voices he's made up for the OZ characters while he reads to his son. There's not enough pinching in the world to convince me that this is all real.

Today I decided to reach back into Steampunk and try my hand at my interpretation of the character. I've drawn him before and it was always a version of Chris's. This is a little more of my slant. Enjoy

8.5x11 cardstock, brush and ink. extras in photoshop
original for sale in MY STORE


AedonTor said...

Man I would love for Steampunk to somehow get finished...

Chad T. said...

My one and only experience with Chris was a seriously negative one. back when I was a teenager. I still love his work though.


Aaron said...

I agree man. That comic still influences me whether I like it or not. As does Chris' work. It is busy, but it's also got something very fresh. I loved his Age of Apocalipse stuff. Any way all the best. Love your work.

Von DEWS! said...

I remember that book... I love Bachalo's art and this book is remarkable!