Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ParaNorman Review

I started this blog in 2006 and I don't think I've ever written a movie review here. I was a movie last night that is making me change that.

PARANORMAN was at the top of my anticipated movie list. While everyone waited for the release of Avengers, Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus, I was sitting patiently thru the summer's heatwave for August 17th to arrive. 

Laika is the studio that brought us CORALINE, a wonderful movie based on fantastic novel by Neil Gaiman. They are masters at stop-motion animation and from footage I saw leading up to the movie, it seemed they were going to bring us more of what they do best. From the early look at the designs I knew I would love this movie on the art front alone, so it had to put very little effort past that to win me over. The ParaNorman crew has never heard the word VERY LITTLE EFFORT in their entire, crazy, scary talented lives.

What I expected: A cute kids movie crafted in the fun world of stop-motion animation. Some light jokes based on horror movie troupes that would play for both kids and adults. A story about an outcast kid that we've seen before but just not as pretty as this. 

What I got: My mind blown. I got a movie with a big heart and huge laughs and to top it off, genuinely scary. It was magical. 

First, I spent 15 minutes wondering how in the world they accomplished this movie. It was unlike any animation I had ever seen. The shot compositions rivaled any of your favorite live action movies. Every frame of the movie was gorgeous. 

There were moments of friendship that had me choked up a bit. The music choices were different but perfect. The laughs were in the writing, they felt natural and not just like gags. The voice talent helped sell that even more. And just when you think the spooky stuff is for.... ok, i'm stopping. It's too good for me to ruin.

Laika brought back something that we lost somewhere in the past 10 years or so. Movies for older kids. We got to a place where we have movies for adults or young kids. No real bridge. We grew up with ALL bridge. Goonies, Monster Squad, Stand By Me, Gremlins, ET, etc. This movie brought back the guts those old movies used to have. It brought me back to my childhood and hopefully it will be the start to someone else's. They'll add this to the list of great movies they grew up with. 

Go see ParaNorman. Support movies like this. We need more of them. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crow Daily Sketch

I had a few suggestions but they just weren't sparking any ideas so I just went with something random. A creepy crow striking deals is always an odd thought.

9x12 bristol, brush

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inspector Gadget Daily Sketch

Today I went old school. I love Twitter because someone will always remind me of something I haven't thought about in years and years. Today's piece, INSPECTOR GADGET.

I loved this cartoon when I was young and I was filled with excitement when I was flipping thru the christmas catalog one year and saw they were bringing the G into real life with a toy. Luckily, I got it for Christmas that year and I was thrilled. He had the hat copter, he had an extending neck, he had everything you wanted in a Gadget toy. 

So today is reaching back to that time. Enjoy. 

9x12 bristol, brush and ink, pen

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lorax Daily sketch

In honor of my favorite Dr. Seuss book and my son's new favorite movie today's sketch is The Lorax.

9x12 bristol brush and ink

Monday, August 13, 2012

reMIND Daily Sketch

My buddy Jason Brubaker has a great webcomic and book called reMIND and today's daily sketch is a tribute to it. Go give Jason's comic a read and pick up the book.


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

ParaNorman ZOMBIE!

The timing of today's ParaNorman daily sketch couldn't have hit at a better time. I got a text from Casey  with a photo of special delivery. I jumped in the car and drove home from the studio. And the following  photos show what was waiting for me.

Big thanks to the folks at Lakia Studios and the ParaNorman crew. Your movie looks amazing and your kindness in sending me this is overwhelming. Thank you so much. The personalized note was the cherry on top. WEIRD WINS!!!

Alvin from ParaNorman Daily Sketch

I can't tell you how excited I am to see ParaNorman. You know hype you all for Avengers and Dark Knight Rises? Well, that's nothing to me waiting for this movie. It's like someone reached inside my brain and took out all the things that I would want to do and made a movie with it.

The trailers are great but there's one tiny, very quick moment of Alvin dancing in a an alley. In trailer filled with ghosts and Zombies, the quick flash of a sick beat and a clay character Krumping was just too good. haha. So that's my sketch for today.

9x12 (cropped in PS) Bristol pen and marker
Original for Sale in MY STORE