Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Alvin from ParaNorman Daily Sketch

I can't tell you how excited I am to see ParaNorman. You know hype you all for Avengers and Dark Knight Rises? Well, that's nothing to me waiting for this movie. It's like someone reached inside my brain and took out all the things that I would want to do and made a movie with it.

The trailers are great but there's one tiny, very quick moment of Alvin dancing in a an alley. In trailer filled with ghosts and Zombies, the quick flash of a sick beat and a clay character Krumping was just too good. haha. So that's my sketch for today.

9x12 (cropped in PS) Bristol pen and marker
Original for Sale in MY STORE


Anthony Coffey said...

That movie is going to be must!

Stevie Bullock said...

Man! I absolutely can not wait to see this movie. As you say Weird wins!

Mark Fullerton said...

The movie is gonna be awesome! Thought I'd share a cool video I found on the movie process. Luv the process.