Wednesday, September 26, 2012


For those who don't know, I started a TUMBLR awhile back and have been updating it with sketches and art very frequently. A bit more than here. At some point I may transition that way completely but for now you have places to check for work.


Hi Monkey Daily Sketch

The absolute best thing about being a dad is watching something that you think you remember doing and how it must feel. My son is almost 3 and he is making me realize that while I think I still have the power, I don't. Not like him. I'm talking about the power of pretending. 

I can remember having an imagination and I try to recapture that as an artist. But watching Baxter get lost in his own invisible world for what seems like ages, I'm captivated. I laugh and think it's cute, but he doesn't hear me. He doesn't look up. He's in a world of his own and I start thinking about what that world is like.

"Hi, Monkey. Where's Lion?" is something he has been saying a lot lately. He's also really into the half dozen or so hand puppets we have around the house. So these things have really inspired today's sketch. What kind of epic may be playing out in his head?


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Orco Daily Sketch

I figured I'd take the He-Man theme on for one more day. Orco was so cool but I was always let down that the toy didn't fly. In the Christmas catalog, the photo of him had him flying. Rolling across the table  just wasn't the same.

Original for Sale in MY STORE

Monday, September 24, 2012

Skeletor Daily Sketch

After a month break from Daily Sketches, I'm back. I'm a bit rusty, but I'm back anyway. :)

Today's I went to twitter for suggestions and they had a huge list of good ones which you'll see over the next few weeks. For now, it's SKELTOR. I loved He-Man when I was growing up and I thought it would be fun to play with the shape of his villain.

Of course, I ended up turning to a go to pose of mine. Another guy climbing on top of a rock thing. My mind is always in playset mode. Meaning, what would this be if I bought a toy. I  like the toys that come with a piece of the landscape to add flavor to the figure. I think I failed at the extra bits here. i could have taken more time and added character to the rocks but i just thru something down. Something to keep in mind next time.