Monday, October 29, 2012

Dr Henry Killinger Daily Sketch

I can't get enough of VENTURE BROS. And I laugh every time I hear Dr Henry Killinger say "Magic Murderbag"

9x12 bristol
brush and ink



Jason said...

The Adultswim store (before it closed) used to have a duffle you could buy with Dr. Killinger's logo on it. I bought one. It's useful.

Victor Preato IV said...

Awesome. Did you catch the new Halloween Special they had last night?

Trevor said...

AWESOME! Love it, Skottie!

Veronica Fish said...

I love this!

A pal of mine works on that show and we visited the animation studio - they work so hard on every aspect of each episode! And they had all kinds of cool Toth reference posted all over the place - :O