Friday, November 09, 2012

No Thought Bubble for me

I regret to announce this, but my work load and deadlines are forcing me to make a pretty frustrating choice. I have to cancel my trip to Leeds, UK next week for the Thought Bubble Festival. I was looking forward to meeting all of you and some of my friends from across the pond, but it's just not in the cards for this year.

Like always, we set up cons so far in advance and most of the time it works out fine with the dates arrive. This year, I've taken on a few very big projects and the time tables just aren't matching up in the way I had hoped. And while I love conventions, I always make sure that the dates on my table are met so the books can get to the printers when they are intended.

I know this will be disappointing for some of you that reached out about sketches and getting things signed. I do apologize and feel terrible for having to cancel a the last minute. But, if it makes you feel any better we are already re-booking my flight for another date to come and do a number of signings that the Traveling Man book stores. So I will be in the UK, just sometime in 2013 instead of next week.

Thank you all for understanding. Have fun at the festival and I'll see you in the UK In 2013


Cj Howker said...

I was hoping to catch you at ThoughtBubble but I know I'd probably just be stood there staring at you from afar trying to sneakily learn from your sketching :P I'd hate to be a fanboy mess so maybe its for the best and you're dodging a bullet ;)

Hope all the work and deadlines pan out though and will try catch ya if you make it to my local Travelling Man also.

all the best

Ben Brown said...

Please try visit the Travelling Man in Leeds!

Me and a bunch of friends were looking forward to seeing you, and one in particular is an absolutely MASSIVE fan of your work, she will be crushed when I tell her you wont be making it to the convention this year.

If you manage to visit Travelling Man in Leeds we will be sure to be the first people in line to meet you!