Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Murray from Sesame Street- Daily Sketch

My son Baxter is in love with Murray's "What's the Word on the Street" segment on Sesame Street. he asks me 100 times a day "What's the word on the street?" I give him one, he asks what it means, I tell him then he repeats the definition and ends with "Listen for word ACTIVATE here on Sesame Street."

He just turned 3 and I can't get enough of the things he's into. So today's daily sketch is Murray!



Jack the Radio said...

Awesome work!

crewchief227 said...

Hey Skottie love your work. Also on a side note your deadpool baby variant with the suction cups all over him made it onto failblog. Don't know if you knew it or submitted it yourself but thought you should know from one artist to another.

Unknown said...

nice post