Monday, January 14, 2013

Turtle Wizard

Drawing anthropomorphic characters really  make me happy. I may have to do something about that again this year. After seeing the Hobbit i was in full fantasy mode. I pulled out Battle Chasers, Tellos, and started watching Zelda Wind Waker walk thru's online. Yeah, it's that bad.

I keep thinking back the brief start that Scott Morse and I got on Scatterwood and I'd really like to return to a world like that. Scott and I had great intentions there but our schedules and some personal things for me put a cloud over that. This is a new year and it may be time to see if there's a story to be told there.



GCangemi said...

I've been a graphic artist for over 30 years and yours is one of the freshest, most original talents I've ever seen. Your Oz work is astounding and breathes new life into an almost lost American original. Keep up the excellent work!

RWDTOY said...

Dude, sweet turtle wizard! Hate to say it but first thing I thought was
"so that's what Tonberrys look like before they get a penchant for lanterns and butchery". Keep up the good work.