Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last Day for Spider-Man Marvel Baby Variant Original Art Ebay Auction

The original cover art for Superior Spider-Man #1 is up for auction and ends tonight at 9pm central.



Jeremy forsey said...

Really 2000. I have bought many of your books. Be it known they are not origanals.They are all comics ..and a LOT OF THEM.But none the less I was a fan. Starting bid 2 grand. Talk about an ego. I was hoping to get some sort of deal.by just being a nerd and not rich. Starting bid 500 and work up.
maybe.Being a regular web site visitor. But now I have no respect. 2 grand. For that. I know you're gonna get it. But take the little man into consideration. You know the avereage joe comic nerd like me cant afford that. You should start bid at 250. Or 100. This sucks. You have now l9st one fan .and hopefully many more. You aren't that great to boast yourself that large. I consider it just plain rude. Give the true fans a chance I would say

Dave Neale said...

When someone has worked as hard as Skottie to get where he has (and anyone doing cover art for Marvel has worked DAMN hard....many many hours of work, plenty of it unpaid), and for you in a stroke to decide what he should be charging based on your financial situation is a bit rude. You may not be able to afford it, but when you buy original art you can't expect to get it for pennies. This is a high profile piece of cool art, which someone will buy and love, and if you ask me $2000 isn't that bad. When you pay for artwork you should also think of how hard someone has worked to acquire the skills to produce the artwork...is it wrong to work so hard, get to a place where you are in a position to make some money from it, and then get paid?.

Also Skottie sells a lot more originals for lower prices...you couldn't get one of those?

Skottie Young said...


I understand your frustration and I'm sorry that the price is a bit out of your range. Believe, I understand, as artwork that cost that much is out of my range.

But let me clear this up. This is not about ego. This is my business and selling single, one of kind pieces of art involves pricing to the market place. Every Spider-Man cover I have sold over the last 5 years has sold for and average of $3000. That's the reality of the original art market combined with the character and title that the cover was for.

Again, i understand you wanting a piece of artwork, and owning a cover is that much better. But this is how I make my living. I don't get weekly salary checks from a company. I have to draw a page, get paid. And if I'm lucky, I can sell that page and make a little more. As a father of a young child, I don't make choices based on ego, I sell art based on the market to provide for my family.

If this number is too high, the market will let me know and I will adjust future pieces to reflect that. That being said, it's very unfair to say that I don't keep "the little guy" in mind. I sell hundreds of pages for $100 and up. I have a box at conventions that all are $80 a piece, no matter what's in the box and I always throw some hidden covers and spreads in there.

While it's sad that you would view the way I need to make my living as a reason to stop enjoying the books that my friends and I make, I understand your frustration. Thanks for taking the time to write. Sorry to have lost you. Take care.

Jeremy forsey said...

Thanks for taking the time to respond. In hind sight I see exactly what you mean. You truely are a very talented artist. And you and your family deserve much success. I assumed you received salary checks from marvel. Good luck on your auction I hope it makes 20 grand . Seriously Bust of luck. By the way 2 grand is not out of my range I just thought you should start lower and it could work its way up. So that folks feel they have a chance.i feel It just would make it more exciting. Again best of luck

Mark McDonough said...

The cover is just that awesome. If the market pays that much, then that is the market value. Although, I did want to bid just to take part in the day. More power to you Mr. Young, keep your art flowing.

Spoon said...

Contracts to whoever pulled out the win. It was an exciting last 60 seconds.